Section-Chapter Spotlight – Southern Arizona Chapter

The Southern Arizona Chapter of ITE is part of the Arizona Section of ITE. It is comprised of ITE Members from Pima, Cochise, and Santa Cruz counties. The majority of members are located in and around Tucson and the meetings are held on the third Friday of most months. The student Chapter at the University of Arizona is a separate Section of the Arizona Chapter, and the two groups meet jointly once a semester.

SAITE attempts to have meetings with presentations that include both nuts and bolts transportation engineering as well as items that are related to the profession of engineering itself. The most recent joint meeting was in October which included the swearing in of new officers and a presentation the importance of geotechnical/material coordination in transportation projects. September’s presentation was about the role of the national and global freight system in regional transportation. November’s presentation was about professional liability and the various forms of liability coverage.

The weather in Tucson during the winter months is moderate and would provide those from the northern states (within the Western District or not) a chance to warm up and dry out. And while Southern California is always a great trip, the sunning by the ocean is difficult to do this time of year when you’re bundled up. Save your trip to San Diego for this year’s Western District meeting in June! San Diego is a great place that we in Southern Arizona enjoy visiting to soak up much needed humidity, though Southern Arizona does have a slightly larger average annual rainfall. My family and I are planning to be in San Diego in June, I hope to meet you there.

Three things that you may not know about our Chapter:

  1. SAITE received our Charter in 2000 after meeting informally for several years prior.
  2. We have 50 members who make up the Chapter, with an (e)mailing list of over 100 transportation academics, professionals, and para-professionals.
  3. Dr. Richard Nassi, P.E., developer of the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (HAWK) is one of the founding members of SAITE and has served as President of SAITE, twice.

Robert Lane
SAITE President