Section-Chapter Spotlight – San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose …Do these cities sound familiar to you? Yes, they are all within the San Francisco (S.F.) Bay Area Section! Our Section covers 15 counties including the nine-county Bay Area as well as six additional surrounding counties, in an area that over 8.2 million people call home.

east-spanWith more than 560 members, including about 90 student members at one of our student chapters (the University of California at Berkeley and San Jose State University), the S.F. Bay Area is one of the largest sections in the Western District.  We recently completed several major transportation projects in the region, including rebuilding a major suspension bridge (the eastern span of the Bay Bridge), constructing two tunnels (a fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel on SR 24, and the Devil’s Slide Bypass tunnel on the Pacific Coast Highway/SR 1), the I-80 Integrated Corridor Mobility ITS Project, and BART extensions to Oakland airport, Santa Clara County and eastern Contra Costa County.

Currently we are now planning to convert seven bridges crossing to all electronic tolling, or AET. This will help reduce traffic congestion and improve operational efficiency. We are also expanding our network of Express Lanes that are free to qualifying carpools, vanpools and other toll-exempt vehicles (or available to solo drivers for a fee). By 2035, the Bay Area will have a 550-mile network of Express Lanes, covering most of the major interstate and state route corridors in the region.

In June 2017 many of our Section members will be heading to San Diego for the Western District Annual Meeting. We’re looking forward to attending technical sessions, networking with industry vendors and fellow professionals, enjoying technical tours, and exchanging ideas and best practices with other ITE sections/chapters. And as co-host of the 2019 Western District Annual Meeting in Monterey (along with the Central Coast Section), we’ll be interacting with the San Diego Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) and taking lots of notes and pictures!

By Lin Zhang President
ITE San Francisco Bay Area Section