Section-Chapter Spotlight: Riverside-San Bernardino Section

Hello there from the Riverside-San Bernardino Section!

Our section is the home of the three-time award winning Best Annual Activities in the Small Section Award by the Western District. It encapsulates a tight knit community of consulting professionals, vendors, public agency employees, and budding students that bring a unique and vibrant energy to the transportation industry of the Inland Empire. In our section, we have the Cal Poly Pomona student section, which arguably houses some of the brightest budding engineers in the entire southern California region.

A few things our chapter loves to do annually include:

  • Party! – Every year we have a fun holiday mixer in December with our neighboring SoCal ITE Chapter and OCTEC
  • Collaborate! – We love joining forces with surrounding ITE chapters and other local engineering societies
  • Learn! – We have at least one technical tour or workshop every year that allows our members and friends to get into the “nitty-gritty” of newly constructed projects and updated design manuals providing opportunities to expand their knowledge
  • Network! – Our biggest event every year is our beloved Vendor Show where we put on a show vendors and consultants to setup booths, display their latest and greatest devices, get in touch with others in the industry, and hear from a dynamic keynote speaker during lunch.
  • Give! – We love donating money out to support students whether it’s through annual scholarships, student presentation competitions, or simply to help them out with raising funds for their endeavors. Last fiscal year we donated over $7,000 to support students through various different avenues of support.

Come check us out and get a taste of RSBITE!

-Daniel David, RSBITE Section President