President’s Message: The Power of ITE

WEB-cathy_leong--2The power of ITE compels me”…well I’ve taken a little liberty with a quote from a 70s horror flick, but it expresses my feelings about the last few months.  I’ve always been an active member of ITE and looked for ways to serve the organization and my fellow members.  Volunteering my time and efforts hasn’t always been easy, but the rewards that I have reaped over the years greatly outweigh the difficulty of the tasks I have undertaken.  I have been rewarded by a circle of wonderful people that have become lifelong friends, feelings of fulfillment and pride as I see the students I have met blossom into successful professionals, and a feeling of satisfaction as I see the initiatives I’ve undertaken come to fruition.  Did you notice that I didn’t mention anything about assistance with technical issues I’ve had on the job or establishing connections with professionals from across the nation?  Don’t get me wrong…I’ve benefitted from these as well.  Over the last few months I was able to help an agency find guest speakers for a technical workshop and locate a partner in a distant state for an upcoming project.  But, being a part of ITE has been more than a professional journey for me…it’s also been a personal adventure full of challenges, camaraderie, and fun.

So what’s my point?  Get engaged and become an active member of ITE!  Start small and work towards something bigger.  You can mentor a student or young professional, volunteer to help out on a committee, or run for an ITE office…there are so many ways to get involved!  Let the Power of ITE compel you the way that it does me and you will be rewarded, personally and professionally.