President’s Message: Serve, Learn, Share, Act, Enjoy

Edgar Perez, Western District President

Thank you for responding to Alaska’s Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) survey and for committing to attending the Anchorage, Alaska meeting in 2011. All of you that responded to the call to “Commit to Alaska” will receive an email from the LAC with instructions on how to obtain your price.

The Alaska LAC continues to make progress in the planning and organization of the event to ensure that this meeting is a great success so that we all can check Alaska off our bucket lists. Remember, abstracts for technical presentations are due Oct. 18, 2010.

Congratulations to Michael  Sanderson for being selected to serve the Western District as the new International Director replacing Jennifer Rosales who moved from the District in early September.  We look forward to your guidance and leadership during the next few years. In behalf of the Board of Directors and the membership in general, I would also like to thank those individuals that submitted their names for consideration for this position. It was a difficult decision because of the excellent qualifications of each of the proposed candidates. We appreciate your unrelenting leadership and involvement in the Western District and encourage you to continue serving in a rewarding and satisfying role within ITE.
I sent an email to California Sections Presidents inviting them to propose to host the 2016 Western District Annual meeting. For 2014 when the meeting would have been held in California, the Western District Board concurred to hold the District meeting jointly with the Midwestern District in Rapid City, South Dakota.  To stay on schedule, the 2015 meeting will be held outside of California but will return to California in 2016. We encourage California Section members to discuss among yourselves and decide if your Section wants to submit for candidacy for this event. For now all I would need is an email or letter from the Section Presidents expressing interest. The District Board will consider your statements at the mid-year Board meeting in February, 2011 and your Section could be selected to present a proposal at the Annual Meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.
During my first month as District President, I’ve had the privilege of visiting several Sections and Chapters within Western District. I was privileged to present three Presidential Proclamations to individuals who demonstrate continuous support and service at the local level, which is where the real strength of ITE is found. The following individuals had a “Day” named after them and proclaimed so by Western District President and the Local Section President: Dr. Constantinos S. Papacostas of the Hawaii Section, William F. Coleman of the New Mexico Section and Melissa Rosas of the Colorado-Wyoming Section (ID Ken Ackeret presented for me). It is indeed an honor to be able to recognize members of the Western District who are making significant contributions and demonstrating leadership service.
In closing, I’d like to thank Western District delegates that attended the ITE International meeting in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Several Western District members and Sections were recognized with awards, Congratulations!!!
We invite you to visit the following links for meeting photos (thanks to Zaki-Together We Are the Best!) and
The award for the “Largest Circulation Category of More than 500” went to the newsletter  “Conveyances” of the Colorado-Wyoming Section, Editors: Bart Przybyll and Kari McDowell,
Section President: Ben Waldman, accepting the award was Bart Przybyll.

“The Management and Operations/ITS Council Individual Achievement Award” was received by
Stephen Albert, Director College of Engineering, Western Transportation Institute, Montana State University-Bozeman.

“The Management and Operations/ITS Council Agency Achievement Award”
was presented to The City of Seattle Department of Transportation in recognition of the “City of Seattle Travelers Web site and ITS Program.” The City of Seattle undertook an ambitious $20 million ITS enhancement program to improve arterial operations for all traffic, including transit, freight, pedestrians and bikes. The most significant accomplishment was the innovative Travelers Web Site that features real-time congestion levels and travel times on arterials, CCTV camera images, real-time incident information, information on upcoming events and links to alternative transportation options.

“The Parking Council Best Practices Award” was granted to The City of Manhattan Beach, California for its “Downtown Manhattan Beach Parking Management Plan.” The process provided the City and the community with an opportunity to work together in resolving parking issues.