President’s Message

The Olympics and the ITE Western District Annual Meeting – Challenge Yourself!

I am watching the Olympics this week and like many of us, I am convinced I can do that! I don’t mean a 1080 flip in the half pipe, or driving a bobsled that is not inside the Matterhorn. No, I am thinking bigger. Like curling the rock into the house bigger, while my teammate sweeps it onto the button. You see, every few years we become more knowledgeable in something that captures our imagination. That is the Olympics. And that is also an ITE Western District Annual Meeting.

Like the Olympics, the ITE Western District Annual Meeting brings people together, advancing our knowledge, demonstrating teamwork above self-interest, and all the while showcasing the latest in transportation. Think LA in 1932 and 1984, Squaw Valley in 1960, and Salt Lake City in 2002, when ITE Western District members literally moved the world. And in 2028 the Western District will once again lead the way, as the Olympics return to LA. Let’s just state the unbiased facts like they would on US TV: no other ITE District in North America has hosted the Olympics more than the Western District!

And when the glow of your newfound Olympic lexicon wears off, and you’ve mastered the difference between a triple axel and a quadruple lutz, it will be time to focus on your next challenge. And that is where ITE comes in. The ITE Western District Annual Meeting is designed for you to renew your professional skills, knowledge, networking, and commitment to professional development. The Annual Meeting is all about helping you further your career.

This year we are heading to Keystone, Colorado from June 23-27 for a joint Annual Meeting with the Texas District. We have made it affordable to attend for one day, two days, or the entire conference. Keystone is a beautiful site in the Rocky Mountains about 75 miles west of Denver, and easily accessible during the summer. We are offering a robust technical program with an added roundabout workshop, a full vendor exhibit, opportunities for networking with clients and teaming partners, plus meals and family activities. There is even free golf!

So whether you regularly attend, or haven’t been to an Annual Meeting in a while, or maybe even ever, we want you to come to Keystone! Every Western District member will find it worthwhile. You will benefit personally and professionally, and your employer will also benefit from the knowledge and skills you bring back to the office. Registration is open and hotel rooms are already being booked. See the LAC article here for more info.

Take a leap off the 140-meter jump and stick the landing. And when you land in Keystone we’ll all be there to cheer you on!