President’s Message

By Walter Okitsu, ITE Western District President

If this sentence is the first you’ve received from me since I was sworn-in as President last June, please update your profile on ITE Headquarters’ website at I have already e-mailed two editions of E-News from ITE Western District to our members. About 500 of our members, 11% of our District membership, don’t provide us with an e-mail address. Another 200 of you list bad e-mail addresses that cause bounces. Finally, about 10 of you opted out by unsubscribing when receiving my message, but I try not to take that personally. The problem is that we can’t reach you when we’re sending time-sensitive messages.

Joe de la Garza, our District’s Membership Chair, will be contacting sections and chapters in a program to reduce the number of disconnected members. However, you can help now by checking your profile on You’ll need your membership ID to log in. If you forgot your membership ID, contact

All members should check their profiles. After logging in, click the “My Profile” button to verify that your postal and e-mail addresses are correct. Once you’ve confirmed that, click on the “ITE Community” button at the top of the screen, then click that page’s “My Profile” button to subscribe to discussion groups. Don’t forget to click the “Save” button. With an updated profile, you will receive the most urgent news electronically from both the District and from ITE Headquarters.