President’s Message

Hello ITE Western District Members!

I’d like to introduce the Section Representatives on the Western District Board. These Representatives will serve on the Board and work with the District Executive Board on items such as the annual operation budgets and policies.

Western District Section Section Representative
Alaska Renee Whitesell
Bay Area Frank Penry
Central California Nick Carcha
Central Coast Tom Mericle
Hawaii Jennylyn Tapat
Northern California Ravi Narayanan
Oregon Pat Marnell
Riverside-San Bernardino Ronald Chan
San Diego Mohammad Amin
Southern California Josh McNeill
Washington Daniel Lai

I’d also like to take this opportunity to share some highlights from the Western District Mid-Year Board Meeting.

  • Dalene Whitlock accepted re-appointment as District Administrator
  • We have two candidates for District Secretary-Treasurer, Kimberly Leung and Pat Marnell
  • Section Charters were approved by the Western District Board and will be finalized at the Annual Meeting in June
  • An action item for all sections is to complete their draft Section Bylaws by April 15th for District review with final section adopted Bylaws due to the District by May 31st.
  • We have selected the locations of future Western District Annual meetings through 2029
    • 2023 Fresno, CA – Tom Mericle (chair)
    • 2024 Sacramento, CA – Cameron Shew (chair)
    • 2025 Long Beach, CA – Neelam Dorman (lead)
    • 2026 Seattle, WA – Daniel Lai (lead)
    • 2027 San Diego, CA – Joe de la Garza (lead)
    • 2028 Joint Meeting (TBD) – Randy McCourt (lead)
    • 2029 SF Bay Area (Oakland or San Jose) – Mark Spencer (lead)

Please also note that International ITE Elections are live with voting ending on March 13th. For information visit,

Congratulations to the presenters whose abstracts were selected for the District Annual Meeting in Hawaii! For more information on the meeting please visit our website (

‘O kākou ka ‘oi

Neelam Dorman
President, ITE Western District

Western District Secretary-Treasurer Candidates

Kimberly Leung and Pat Marnell


What a great SoCal Student Traffic Bowl Judging Panel! Congratulations to UCLA on their win!

OCTEC President (Kristin Tso), Western District President, and SoCal Section President (Sowmya Chandrasekhar)