President’s Message

I had the opportunity to visit the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo ITE Student Chapter this past week. I’d like to highlight some of the wonderful things the engineering program and the student chapter are doing to encourage participation in professional societies and clubs. First the civil engineering department requires freshman to explore the various civil engineering clubs on campus which gets many students involved in ITE from the very beginning. It also provides students the opportunity to be exposed to transportation through the many company presentations. Along with encouragement, the civil department promotes all the meetings that occur on-campus hosted both by the department as well as clubs like ITE. The Cal Poly SLO ITE Student Chapter has always been active and shown up to the Western District Annual Meetings in force. Knowing that this years Annual Meeting is an expensive meeting to travel to and a highly desired location to attend, they have instituted a point system where participation in ITE events betters your chance to be selected to attend the meeting. Kudos to the officers for being fair in their selection and finding a way to increase participation!

Speaking of the Annual Meeting, abstracts are due next month so submit early and get your justification to attend the meeting!

The Student Leadership Summit is also coming up in January ( in Los Angeles!

Neelam Dorman
President, ITE Western District