President’s Message

Our Western District Board has visited a few Sections to install officers and also to represent the District awards at the Section meeting. The District has also been working to wrap up the administrative and financial tasks for the 2018-2019 fiscal year and to prepare for the next fiscal year. We held our September board meeting to kick-off the year and brought on our new Secretary-Treasurer, Joe De La Garza, to prepare him for his duties. We are also working to set up the next steps with revised district borders as well as getting ready to issue new charters for our Sections in the early part of 2020. There is some work ahead for our Sections to update their bylaws and we will do our best to make this process as easy as possible.

Our organization has been working on growing our membership and creating an ITE that can serve all members. As part of this effort, ITE International has been working on rebranding the organization. I know many of you have heard the new tag line “A Community of Transportation Professionals.” ITE International staff are working on communication and messaging for our organization as “ITE – A Community of Transportation Professionals” rather than the “Institute of Transportation Engineers.” More information on this will follow from ITE International.

November is National STEM month and ITE has created a competition to encourage our members to participate in a STEM activity (check out the form here). The STEM subcommittee also has put together a list of activities and presentation templates for our members to use (check them out here!). I hope many of you will participate in various STEM activities throughout the month of November and I would love to see our Sections and Chapters organize bigger events. Please also use the Western District ITE video as you need for your outreach,

Neelam Dorman
President, ITE Western District