President’s Message

Thank you, Western District members for allowing me to serve another term as President. We had a wonderful meeting in Monterey with a great technical program and one of the best Family Night events I have had the pleasure of attending. A special thank you to the Monterey LAC and the District LAC Committee for a great meeting! Congratulations to the Joe De La Garza on being elected to Western District Secretary-Treasurer. With the changes in the Western District we did not have an International Director election this year as the Western District will have two Directors starting January 2020. In addition, please note that your officers elected this year would be serving longer terms (June 2019 to December 2020) as we transition to calendar year terms. If you need reach any of us, please refer to the District website (

I hope all of you have had a chance to see the ITE Video produced by the Western District ( This was an initiative by the Board this past year and led by the Public Relations Committee. A special thank you to Paul Stanis for his hard work putting it together. The video is posted on and we hope that members can use this as tool to promote the organization. We’d also like to congratulate our Western District Lifetime Achievement Award winner Zaki Mustafa! You can view the wonderful video produced by the PR Committee with this link,

We have many things to accomplish this year including the transition to two Districts. Our District operations will change significantly as discussed at the Western District Annual Business Meeting in Monterey. Members present at the Business Meeting approved the new operating budget which proposed the following changes:

  • Reduction in advertising income based on input from the Advertising Manager
  • Reduction in dues proportional to the reduction in members
  • Reduction in travel budget for Committee Chairs with consolidation of committees
  • Reduction in WesternITE costs proportional to reduction in members
  • Reduction in travel budget for International Directors with only 2 directors moving forward
  • Removal of budget item for LeadershipITE scholarship funding, scholarships will depend on financial viability each year
  • Removal of multiple cost items which would be funded as needed
  • Reduction in balloting costs proportional to reduction in members
  • Reduction in liability insurance costs based on input from insurer
  • Reduction of reserves value based on distribution of funds to Mountain District

Changes to the Endowment Fund included reduction in expected income proportional to membership reduction, reduction/removal of multiple initiative monetary award based on discussions with chairs, and reduction of account fees based on projections.

We will also have changes to our Election Policy with the District transition. The Election Policy article presented in this E-News provides more details on this topic. In addition, we had changes to District Committees which were consolidated to create deeper staffed committees and also reduce the financial effects of committee chair travel. We are also finalizing our Social Media Plan and have started implementing some changes to our Social Media presence and operations to improve our communications with our members. Please note that the @WDPrez account on Twitter will be removed and the LinkedIn group will be converted to a page. Please be sure to follow the LinkedIn page, And of course make sure you’re following the District on Twitter (@Western_ITE) and on Facebook (@itewesterndistrict).

For our Sections, you will be receiving a request from me to nominate a current board member as your Section Representative to the Western District Board. The Section Representative will be appointed by the District and serve for a one-year term starting in January 2020. Please also note that the District will re-charter our Sections in 2020 and a Section bylaw template has been approved by the International Board of Direction.

ITE International and the Texas District hosted the Annual Meeting and Exhibit in Austin. The meeting attracted over 1,500 people and included technical programs covering signals, speed limits/speed management, and mobility and health along with many other topics. A unique session featured a panel of seven transportation system users between the ages of 10-14 (children of ITE professionals) alongside a panel of three professionals. The topics discussed covered initiatives important to ITE including Vision Zero. Western District members cheered on our student team from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in the Collegiate Traffic Bowl and our Western District Rising Star Patrick Marnell at the Awards Lunch. This year a Western District Student Chapter and Section were recognized with the ITE International Student Chapter Award and the Section/Chapter Activities Award. Congratulations to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and the Southern California Section! The District was also recognized with the Communications Award! I’d also like to congratulate the LeadershipITE graduates from the District: Yung Koprowski and Lindsay Saner.

I’d like to thank our outgoing International Director, Karen Aspelin, for serving as our District ID for the past 3 years. We appreciate all your effort and your passion for ITE.

Neelam Dorman
President, ITE Western District

Western District celebrates awards at the ITE International Meeting in Austin