President’s Message

The Western District One ITE Task Force (WD Task Force) has been working over the past few months to address transition issues for the remaining Western District as we prepare for the establishment of the Rocky Mountain District.  One of the most immediate issues that has arisen over the past few months has been the upcoming 2019 District elections.  To address this issue, the District Board sent out an open call for nominations for Secretary-Treasurer and International Director.  We accepted nominations for both positions regardless of where the candidates resided.  The International Board provided direction to the Western District in May in anticipation of the creation of a new Rocky Mountain District. In response to this, the Western District Board chose at our Mid-Year Meeting to only select candidates for Secretary-Treasurer from Sections that are anticipated to remain within the Western District to facilitate the transition of officers between the Western and Rocky Mountain Districts. No election for a Western District International Director will occur to preserve a slot for a new Rocky Mountain District International Director as two of the current standing International Directors are from states that would remain within the Western District (Carlos Ortiz and Cathy Leong).

Another consequence of the anticipated redistricting is that the current Vice President (Paul Barricklow) is anticipated to be one of the officers that will be transitioning to the new District based on his state of residency.  As such, considering the necessary experience and District knowledge that a Presidential candidate should have, the Board has asked Neelam Dorman to run for a second presidential term. Mark Spencer will remain as Past President, and Giancarlo Ganddini will be the candidate for Vice President.

In addition, the District Board elected to put forth only one candidate for Secretary-Treasurer for the 2019 elections. The Board is acutely aware of the challenges associated with the upcoming transition year and sought out candidates with recent leadership experience on the District level.  The candidate that the Western District Board has selected for this year’s election has been a Section Leader, LAC Chair, and a District Committee Chair for several terms.  His attendance at District Board Meetings over the years has given him a good foundation in District policies and procedures, and a keen understanding of the One ITE initiative and the District’s transition issues.  Information regarding the Rocky Mountain elections will be shared with affected members at a later date.

If you have questions on the elections, please reach out to any member of the Western District Board. Information on our candidates can be found on our website ( Ballots for Western District elections will be sent out in mid-May.

ITE International ballots were sent on February 13th with voting ending March 14th. Please check your spam filters and be sure to vote!

I’d also like to remind everyone that registration is open for the Western District Annual Meeting in Monterey! Registration and hotel information are provided on the annual meeting website Presenters are being notified if their abstracts were accepted and a technical program should be published in the next few weeks. Hope to see many of our there!

Neelam Dorman
President, ITE Western District