President’s Message

I’d like to congratulate the Cal ITE Student Chapter for putting on a great Student Leadership Summit! The 6th annual ITE Western District Student Leadership Summit (SLS) was held at UC Berkeley.  The Western District board was well represented at the event with myself, Vice President Paul Barricklow, Secretary-Treasurer Giancarlo Ganddini, Past President Mark Spencer, Senior ID Karen Aspelin, and Junior ID Cathy Leong in attendance. Cathy and Mark also gave a great presentation on the value of ITE and the relationships it builds. I am also thankful to have the opportunity to speak on my ITE experience in relation to leadership qualities.

The Western District Midyear Board Meeting was held on Friday January 25th. The summary below provides a quick review of the major items that came out of the meeting:

  • The Western District Keystone LAC returned excess revenue from the successful 2019 Annual Meeting which was allocated to future meetings as well as scholarships to the two student chapters in the host Colorado-Wyoming Section.
  • A draft Western District Proposal for Transition was also discussed with the group. This Transition Plan outlines the key provisions associated with the creation of a new District (currently referred to as the Rocky Mountain District) from a portion of the existing Western District. The proposal was prepared by the Western District OneITE Task Force and will be forwarded on for review by the International OneITE Sub-Task Force led by Randy McCourt.
  • With the completion of the draft Transition Plan, the members of the Western District OneITE Task Force were revised with the direction to focus on next steps. The Task Force now consists of myself, Secretary-Treasurer Giancarlo Ganddini, Past President Mark Spencer, Middle ID Carlos Ortiz, and Junior ID Cathy Leong. The Task Force will focus on transition needs for the “remaining Western District.”
  • With the upcoming changes to the Western District, the Board took a closer look at the Committees to streamline the District’s operations and ensure our sustainability. Working with the District Committee Chairs, the following changes were made to consolidate the committees and better align them with the District’s Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan focuses on student initiatives, career development, technical excellence, social/networking, and promoting the profession. The updated duties for each committee will be published on shortly. The consolidated committees are as follows:
    • WesternITE Managing Editor – Erica Jensen
    • Advertising Manager – Rob Sweeting
    • Webmaster – Cameron Shew
    • District LAC Committee – Cathy Leong
    • Public Relations Committee – Paul Stanis
    • Student Funding and Initiatives Committee – Kim Leung
    • Career Guidance Committee – Josh McNeill
    • Technical Committee – Amit Kothari

I hope my summary provides some understanding of recent District activities. Please reach out to the Western District Board members should you have questions.

I’d also like to remind everyone that registration is open for the Western District Annual Meeting in Monterey! Registration and hotel information are provided on the annual meeting website

Neelam Dorman
President, ITE Western District