President’s Message

It is an honor to serve as the Western District President and I’d like to thank the membership in trusting me with this role. We had a successful meeting with the Texas District in Keystone that included a great mix of the Western and Texas District traditions as well as a great technical program. Congratulations to the Western District leadership on their successful elections especially our Secretary-Treasurer, Giancarlo Ganddini, and our International Director Elect, Cathy Leong. If you need reach any of us, please refer to the District website.

Last week ITE International and the Midwestern/Great Lakes Districts hosted the Annual Meeting and Exhibit in Minneapolis. The meeting attracted over 1,200 people and included technical programs covering signals, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), and curbside management along with many other topics. I had the pleasure to cheer on our Western District student team from Cal State Fullerton in the Collegiate Traffic Bowl and our Western District Rising Star Lou Davenport at the Awards Lunch. I’d also like to congratulate the LeadershipITE graduates from the District: Devin Moore, Kevin Carstens, and Jeremy Frisch. Your ID Elect, Cathy Leong, and I also had the pleasure of picking up the District’s 2nd Place Communications Award.

The July E-News provided an update on our District and touched on ITE International’s OneITE Initiative. The Western District does have a District Task Force in place to work ITE International’s OneITE Task Force and has planned to meet with our Sections to provide information and gather input. The dates of these meetings are published on our website. At the Annual Meeting and Exhibit in Minneapolis, the International Board of Direction (IBOD) passed a motion that would result in the restructuring of the Western District into two or more districts. The IBOD did not specify the makeup of the resulting districts but instructed the OneITE Task Force to work with the District’s Task Force to evaluate the options and bring a recommendation for IBOD review at the October meeting in Arizona. In addition, the IBOD approved drafts of the new District Charters and Model Bylaws which will be sent to district boards for review and comment. The IBOD also voted to move forward with an Affiliate Member transition plan, the details of which will be shared as they are finalized. I hope to have many of you attend the scheduled sessions with your Sections to provide input to the process. I will use the E-News platform as much as possible to provide updates on the OneITE Initiative and encourage you to be part of the conversation with your Section and District leadership.

I’d like to thank our outgoing International Director, Walter Okitsu, for serving as our District ID for the past 3 years. We truly appreciate all your effort and your passion for the Western District. Lastly, but certainly not in the least, I’d like to thank our Past President, Mark Spencer, for his dedication and service to the Western District. Stepping into this role for a short time now, I am just barely experiencing the responsibilities of the role and am grateful to have had Mark serve before me and take on an extra year as President. Thank you to all those who have served as District President for creating a path of extraordinary leadership for those of us who follow.

Neelam Dorman
President, ITE Western District