President’s Message

In case you missed Mark’s presidents message at the Business Luncheon, you can read it here:

It‘s been my privilege to serve as our District President these past two years! This past year we were able to continue advancements in all five of the Western District Strategic Plan goals. These include:

• providing our members a pathway to career development;
• technical excellence;
• networking;
• supporting student initiatives; and
• promotion of the profession.

This past year our officers attended local Section and Chapter meetings as well as regional conferences such as the Idaho Chapter Annual Conference, the ITE/IMSA joint meeting, the Quad meeting, and the Intermountain Section Meeting. Our monthly E-newsletters were sent to all Western District members between August and June. Two printed editions of WesternITE were mailed out, one in the fall and one the spring. We also posted all of these on the District’s website and Facebook pages, and we tweeted to our followers. This year we updated and revised several Committee Chair duties so that our communications with members continue to evolve with the times, allowing us to reach all of our members, regardless of where they are. But we know there still is work to be done.

The District continues our support of the LeadershipITE program; this year marks the fifth LeadershipITE class, and the Western District is represented by three of our members. With 15 prior graduates from our District, this brings the total number of Western District participants in LeadershipITE to 18.

The Student Endowment Fund, now over $500,000, has moved forward with the next phase of the program. We initiated regional travel scholarships for students to attend the Annual Meeting, starting last year in San Diego and continuing here in Keystone. Financial support is now available for one student from each of the District’s four regions. Again, another example of how we strive to serve our student members throughout the Western District. This past year we provided additional funding to support a sixth student data collection project. And we continue to raise funds for the Student Endowment Fund to further expand our student initiatives. Thus, I encourage each and every one of you to donate to this outstanding program. And for those that have donated in the past, thank you for making this possible.

The fifth Student Leadership Summit (SLS) was held outside of California for the first time, at Oregon State University. Once again it was a very successful event! Next year the SLS will be held in late January at Cal Berkeley.

Throughout the year our Committees, which are aligned with the five Strategic Plan goals, worked diligently to provide our professional and student members with an increasing number of opportunities to participate in ITE, no matter what part of the District you come from. We have 15 Sections and six Chapters in 13 states. That is a lot of ground to cover! Our current Board is comprised of four members from California, and one each from Colorado, Hawaii, and New Mexico. Six Sections from four states are represented on the Board. In the past 10 years, we have had candidates from 12 of our 15 Sections. We also have 14 Committee Chairs that come from nine of our 15 Sections. Overall, we have representation that brings together the four corners of our diverse geographic region to truly embody the entire Western District. The diversity of our Board and Committees has made us stronger and allowed the Western District to lead the way for all of ITE. Many of our initiatives have been picked up by other Districts and ITE International.

Going forward, many of you have heard about ITE International’s One ITE initiative. The intent of the International Board’s actions and policy is to provide a consistent and better ITE experience for all members. The District has established a Task Force to reach out to our Sections and Chapters, to discuss the implications, and to work with ITE International on potential solutions and outcomes.

As you will hear in a few minutes from our Secretary-Treasurer Paul Barricklow, our finances are stable, and we are fortunate to have sponsors that support our initiatives throughout the year. In closing, the District is in good hands because all our volunteers – from the local Chapters and Sections to the Committee Chairs, Board Members and International Directors – all share a vision of making our communities better places, through meaningful careers in transportation, and through ITE.

Thank you!

Mark Spencer
President, ITE Western District