President’s Message

It’s been my privilege to serve as Western District President these past two years. The Board was quite active all year, allowing us to advance all five goals of the District’s Strategic Plan (student initiatives, career development, technical excellence, social/networking, and promoting the profession). The Student Endowment Fund surpassed its initial goal of $500,000, allowing us to expand the Student Initiatives Program and award annual regional travel scholarships. Our endowment fund has become a model for other Districts. Membership is up – we have over 4,400 members! Our finances are stable and we are fortunate to have sponsors that support our initiatives throughout the year.

Our Western District student chapters are thriving and setting an example for the nation, with several other ITE Districts now hosting their own Student Leadership Summit. The MiteY Race, one of our Annual Meeting traditions, is now a feature at other District’s meetings as well as the ITE International Annual Meeting and Exhibit.

We continue to expand and improve our level of engagement with our members through a new social media initiative and visits by our officers to many of our local Sections. We refined several of the committee duties and welcomed new Committee Chairs. And in just a few weeks we will host our 71st Annual Meeting in Keystone!

Mark Spencer, P.E.
Western District President