President’s Message

ITE by the Numbers
by Mark Spencer

As I wind down my tenure as ITE Western District President, I am thinking of many things. One item in particular is how unified we are despite the diversity of the Western District.  We often talk about ITE and whether it’s the same if you are from Albuquerque or Anchorage, Honolulu or Helena. But I think, within our District, we have done an outstanding job in providing a common ITE experience for all our members.

We have 15 Sections and six Chapters in 13 states. That is a lot of ground to cover! Our current Board is comprised of four members from California and one each from Colorado, Hawaii, and New Mexico. Six Sections from four states are represented on the Board. In the past 10 years, we have had candidates from 12 of our 15 Sections. We also have 14 Committee Chairs that come from nine Sections. Overall, we really do have representation that brings together the four corners of our diverse geographic region to truly embody the entire Western District.

Although our Board and Committee Chairs cover the entire west, does that mean that our members are engaged with ITE in the same way no matter where they are? The answer is mostly yes, with local differences. How do I know this? When I ran for office in 2014 I had several goals, including increasing the engagement of our members. In the past four years I have worked on several initiatives focused on engagement, including traveling to several Section and Chapter meetings. Being in the San Francisco Bay Area Section, I am situated (roughly) in the geographic center of the Western District (ok, technically the center is a few hundred miles west of land in the Pacific Ocean, but you get the idea). But really, it was location and also having three major airports in the area that serve the entire west via short trips for reasonable airfares. What I found was that Section meetings in Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, and Idaho are very much like those in California. Whether at Section Meetings or an Annual Meeting Leadership Breakfast, I found that all of our Sections are helping ITE Western District achieve our Strategic Plan goals by providing our members a pathway to career development, technical excellence, and networking, as well as supporting student initiatives and promotion of the profession. Each Section or Chapter may go about it a different manner, but ultimately we are all working towards common goals.

I am encouraged by what I saw and along with the entire Board, am committed to strive for improvement. As for today, there is one way we can all similarly engage ITE, and that is by attending the Western District Annual Meeting! Our annual conference is the largest and most comprehensive event we have, offering something for everyone and touching on all five of our Strategic Plan goals.  I hope to see you in Keystone this June!