President’s Message: Looking Good!

The Western District is proud to formally debut its new logo, in color! The logo, designed by staff from Atkins, will be incorporated into all future communication from the Western District. The three colors suggest the District’s geography – starting on the left with the blue of the Pacific Ocean, next to our area’s green forests, and on the right the sepia of the desert and high plains. The sweeping path represents a road, trail or bikeway. Of course, mountains are found in all of the District’s states, and the circle in the sky
could be the setting sun (or is it the moon?!) However you interpret it, I hope you like it as much as we did on the selection committee.

In addition to unveiling the new logo, this issue of WesternITE focuses on two of the most important events in our District: the annual elections and the annual meeting. I hope you’ll spend the time to read each candidate statement and get to know a little about the people who are vying to serve as your officers at the District level and director at the International level. Finally, much of this issue is dedicated to the upcoming joint Western-Midwestern District meeting in Rapid City, South Dakota, June 29 through July 2, 2014. The local arrangements committee for this meeting has been talking up this meeting for so long, and now we’re finally on the home stretch. As you start to make your plans for the summer, consider making the Black Hills your vacation destination.

Yours in ITE,

Karen AspelinKaren Aspelin, P.E., PTOE
Western District President