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The Legislative Committee’s role is to monitor legislative bills being considered by State legislative bodies in the 13 western states that comprise the Western District, and share those activities with both the District Board and the District members. This webpage will be a clearinghouse for transportation related legislation in each state, items that the District Board is focusing on, and legislative information from the individual sections.

If there is any legislation you believe is important for ITE to be aware of and is not shown, please contact the Legislative Chair, Tom Mericle.

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Current Legislative Activities by the Western District Board:

SB 743 (CA) Task Force:

Implementation of SB 743: Working with State Office of Planning and Research (OPR) on implementation of bill regarding new LOS standards. The Western District Board has appointed Erik Ruehr to chair a task force to work with OPR.  Contact Erik

Revised guidelines to implement SB 743 have been prepared by OPR and were sent to the Natural Resources Agency for incorporation into CEQA. The revised SB 743 guidelines are incorporated into two separate documents: (1) An update to CEQA Section 15.064.3, Determining the Significance of Transportation Projects and (2) Technical Advisory on Evaluating Transportation Impacts in CEQA.  These documents can be found at the following link:


More general information regarding the entire CEQA update can be found at the following link:


Here are the highlights to the new guidelines:

– The required deadline for implementation statewide is January 1, 2020.  Agencies have the option to implement SB 743 any time prior to the required deadline.

– For land development projects, the guidance is very similar to the previous guidance provided in the draft guidelines dated January 2016.

– For roadway capacity projects, the new guidance does not specifically require the use of VMT in determining transportation impacts.  Instead, the new CEQA Section 15064.3 states the following: “Agencies have the discretion to determine the appropriate measure of transportation impact consistent with CEQA and other applicable requirements.”  However, the Technical Advisory states the following in its section regarding the recommended significance threshold for transportation projects: “This section recommends consideration of evaluating impacts using vehicle miles traveled”. 

– Projects that reduce VMT such as pedestrian, bicycle, and transit projects should be presumed to have a less than significant impact.

Legislative Activities by the International Board:

Federal Legislation is monitored by the ITE International Board and staff.

State by State Transportation Legislative Activity:

Each state has different schedules for their legislative sessions.

Get information on each session by State.



2018 Session– Adjourned

HB 333 – Allowing municipalities to ban drivers for using a phone in school zones.

SB 14 – Allows local agencies to require TNC’s to pay local sales taxes, if imposed.

HB 204 – Adds road maintenance vehicles to list of vehicles that drivers must vacate the nearest lane or slow down when conducting official business.

SB 200 – Defining low speed vehicles as those with achieving a min speed of 20 mph and max of 25 mph.

SB 201 – Establishing a safe routes to school program.


2018 Session– Adjourned

HB 2422 – Rules related to “personal delivery device.” Essentially defining and restricting delivery devices to sidewalks and crosswalks.


HB 2557 – Define and authorize electric vehicle charging stations.

HB 2539 – Allow for traffic control spikes  for wrong-way drivers.

SB 1261 – Prohibits use of a portable wireless communication device while driving. Exceptions include hands-free operation, play music, and use as a GPS device.


2018 Session-Adjourned

 SB 182 – Restrict local agencies from requiring multiple business licenses for TNC drivers.

SB 1014 – Establish the California Clean Miles Standard and Incentive Program for zero-emission vehicles. Will provide funding for zero-emission vehicles that will be used for TNC’s.

AB 2989 – Rules for electric stand up scooters including waiving the requirements for adults to wear helmets and allowing use of the scooters on streets that have a speed limit up to 35 mph. Scooters are still not allowed on sidewalks.

AB 2363 – Establish a Zero Traffic Fatalities Task Force, which will develop policies to reduce traffic fatalities to zero. The bill would require the report to include a detailed analysis of specified issues, including the process for establishing speed limits and alternatives to the use of the 85th percentile for determining speed limits.


AB 87 – Authorize a peace officer or specified public employee to remove a vehicle that uses autonomous technology without a valid permit. Passed and waiting for Governor’s signature.

AB 287 – Encourage Caltrans to coordinate with MTA and local agencies to seek alternatives to SR 710 North.

AB 496 – Create the Traffic Relief and Road Improvement Program to address traffic congestion and deferred road maintenance.

AB 1324 – Allow for a county transportation tax to be imposed on a portion of its county if ⅔ of that portion approves the tax.

AB 1640 – Require that regional STIP’s allocate a minimum of 25% of funds to projects and programs that benefit low-income residents.

AB 1905 – Would prohibit a court from staying or enjoining a transportation project that would reduce VMT and is included in a sustainable communities strategy.

AB 1901 – Extend and modify the CEQA exemption for maintenance or minor alteration to roadways in cities less than 100,000 population if, among other things, the project involves negligible or no expansion of an existing vehicular use beyond that existing at the time of the lead agency’s determination. 

AB 1969 – Allows for a temporary exemption to the TDA farebox requirements.

AB 2418 – Establish the California Smart City Challenge Grant Program.

SB 1376 – TNC’s must ensure that they provide full access to persons with disabilities. Passed and waiting for Governor’s signature.


2018 Session – Adjourned

HB 1191 – Local governments ability to alter speed limits.

HB 1285 – Repeals authority for person with disability to park without paying.

SB 001 – Transportation infrastructure funding.

SB 144 – Permits governments to allow bikes to yield at stop signs or stop then proceed at traffic signals under certain conditions.

HB 18 – Elimination of the use of automated vehicle identification systems for enforcement.

HB 1107 – Requirement that new residential houses include prewiring electric vehicle charging ports.

HB 1119 – Highway building and maintenance funding


2018 Session – Adjourned

HB 2217 & SB 2912 – Allows a driver to proceed through an intersection when a malfunctioning traffic control device fails to detect the vehicle and stays red through two cycles of the traffic control device.

HB 2283 – Issuance of bonds for three capital improvement projects in the H-1 Corridor.

HB 2643 – Pilot project for including the Hawaiian language on traffic signs.

HB 2728 – Clean transportation initiative to reduce and eliminate use of fossil fuels in all ground transportation by 2035.

SB 2118 – Prohibits certain large vehicles from being driven on the far left lane of any roadway having three or more lanes.

SB 2441 – Requires the Department of Transportation to develop a traffic reduction plan to reduce traffic congestion across the State by 2025.


2018 Session – Adjourned

H 388 – Provides that the operator of a vehicle, upon the approach of an emergency vehicle, should pull over to the nearest curb or edge on the right side of the road.

H 471 – Prohibits operating a vehicle in the extreme left hand lane for a period of time that impedes the flow of other traffic.

H 389 – Removes requirement for large vehicles to operate at 10 mph less than the posted speed.

H 508 – Define low-power, pedal-assist electric bikes (e-bikes).

S 1283 – Guidelines for use of electronic devices while driving. – Failed


No 2018 Session






No 2018 Session





New Mexico

2018 Session. – Adjourned

 SJM 3 – Create a committee to review autonomous vehicle technology and develop proposal to allow use in NM.



2018 Session – Adjourned

HB 4063 – Establishes a task force on autonomous vehicles.



2018 Session – Adjourned

SB 177 – Prohibits operation of a class 2 electric assisted bicycle with an open container and changes prohibition regarding riding on sidewalk to 18 years and older.


HB 58 – Allows bikes to yield at stop signs and proceed through a red light after stopping in certain conditions.

HB 220 & HB 64 – Clarification on definition of “hands-free technology”

HB 371 – Autonomous vehicle use.

HB 416 – Allows a vehicle to proceed after stopping at a red light.


2018 Session – Adjourned

HB 2970 – Establishing an autonomous vehicle working group.

SB 6434 – Modifies electric assist bike provisions to not require a driver’s license and those related to age by class of use.

HB 1307 – Allows local authorities to establish dual speed limits.

HB 1485 – Limits mandatory motorcycle helmet use to persons under 18 years of age.

HB 2131 – Regulating autonomous vehicles.

HB 2403 – Pilot project for the testing of automated transit-only lane enforcement cameras.

HB 2235 & HB 2236 – Revise exemptions for prohibition of use of personal electronic device.

HB 2716HB 2945 & SB 5620 & SB 60436500 – Regulating Transportation Network companies.

SB 6504 – Removes requirement for a vehicle to pass on the left-hand side.


2018 Session – Adjourned

HB 36 – Passing of emergency or construction/maintenance vehicle stopped on the side of the road.




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