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The Legislative Committee’s role is to monitor legislative bills being considered by State legislative bodies in the 13 western states that comprise the Western District, and share those activities with both the District Board and the District members. This webpage will be a clearinghouse for transportation related legislation in each state, items that the District Board is focusing on, and legislative information from the individual sections.

If there is any legislation you believe is important for ITE to be aware of and is not shown, please contact the Legislative Chair, Tom Mericle.

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Current Legislative Activities by the Western District Board:

SB 743 (CA) Task Force:

Implementation of SB 743: Working with State Office of Planning and Research (OPR) on implementation of bill regarding new LOS standards. The Western District Board has appointed Erik Ruehr to chair a task force to work with OPR.  Contact Erik

Revised guidelines to implement SB 743 have been prepared by OPR and were sent to the Natural Resources Agency yesterday for incorporation into CEQA. The revised SB 743 guidelines are incorporated into two separate documents: (1) An update to CEQA Section 15.064.3, Determining the Significance of Transportation Projects and (2) Technical Advisory on Evaluating Transportation Impacts in CEQA.  These documents can be found at the following link:


More general information regarding the entire CEQA update can be found at the following link:


It should be noted that users of OPR’s website have recently experienced some errors related to the website. If you are having trouble accessing pages or materials on it, please clear your browser history/cache/cookies.  If using Chrome, be sure to clear your full history, rather than just the default one hour of history.

The Task Force will review, discuss, and interpret the revised guidelines to decide how to move forward.  For now, here are the highlights:

– The required deadline for implementation statewide is January 1, 2020.  Agencies have the option to implement SB 743 any time prior to the required deadline.

– For land development projects, the guidance is very similar to the previous guidance provided in the draft guidelines dated January 2016.

– For roadway capacity projects, the new guidance does not specifically require the use of VMT in determining transportation impacts.  Instead, the new CEQA Section 15064.3 states the following: “Agencies have the discretion to determine the appropriate measure of transportation impact consistent with CEQA and other applicable requirements.”  However, the Technical Advisory states the following in its section regarding the recommended significance threshold for transportation projects: “This section recommends consideration of evaluating impacts using vehicle miles traveled”. 

– Projects that reduce VMT such as pedestrian, bicycle, and transit projects should be presumed to have a less than significant impact.

The next step in the SB 743 process is that the Natural Resources Agency will begin the formal administrative rulemaking process to incorporate the new guidelines into CEQA.

If you have any questions please email Erik Ruehr, California SB 743 Task Force Chair at eruehr@vrpatechnologies.com. OPR’s revised draft guidelines and other information on SB 743 may be obtained from OPR’s website at www.opr.ca.gov under CEQA/Alt. Transportation Metrics (SB 743).

Legislative Activities by the International Board:

Federal Legislation is monitored by the ITE International Board and staff.

State by State Transportation Legislative Activity:

Each state has different schedules for their legislative sessions.

Get information on each session by State.



2017 Session: January 17 to April 28th (adjourned)

SB 14 – Personal insurance policy restrictions for drivers of transportation network companies.

2017 Session: January 9 to April 7 (adjourned)

 SB 1080 – Prohibition of use of a communication device by a teenage driver.


SB 1049 – Prohibits messaging while driving.

SB 1051 – Prohibits solicitors from approaching within 10 feet of a vehicle waiting at a traffic control device. (failed to pass)

SB 1087 – Prohibition of use of a communication device while driving

SB 1088 – Operating a vehicle that causes injury of death while using a wireless communication device added to list of guilty violations.

HB 2305 – Requires all persons in a vehicle to produce proof of identity.


2017 Session: Year Round

 SB 1 – Increase the state gas tax by 12 cents, increase in the vehicle license fees, adding an annual fee for zero emission vehicles.

AB 332 -Authorize a local agency to temporarily close a highway under its jurisdiction to curb a serious nuisance, including illegal dumping.

AB 390 – Allows pedestrians to cross when facing a countdown timer if there is reasonable time to cross rather than only during the “walk” indication.

AB 1452 – Allow local agency to designate stalls or spaces on a public street for the exclusive purpose of charging and parking a vehicle that is connected for electric charging purposes.


AB 63 – Extend provisional licensing requirements to 21 years old. (vetoed by Governor)

AB 278 – Exempt from CEQA projects that consists of the inspection, maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, replacement, or removal of, or the addition of an auxiliary lane or bikeway to, existing transportation infrastructure. (in Committee)



AB 694 – Require bikes to ride in the right hand vehicle lane or bike lane (if present) and also require bikes to ride to the far right if is wide enough for bikes and vehicles to be side by side. (in Committee)


SCA 6 – Would change the requirement for local sales tax measures for transportation from 2/3 to 55% voter approval. (in Committee)


2017 Session: January 11 to May 10 (adjourned)

SB 43 – Eliminating the medical requirement to drive for a transportation network company

SB 59 – Exempts motorists using a roundabout from needing to signal. (Failed to pass)

SB 93 – Allows a bike rider to proceed through a stop sign without stopping under certain conditions. (Failed to pass)


2017 Session: January 18 to May 5 (Adjourned)

SB 18 – Lowers the driving under the influence BAC level to 0.05.

SB 129 – Clarifies when a pedestrian is crossing the roadway within a crosswalk for pedestrians’ right-of-way.

SB 179 – Requires drivers and passengers of motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds under the age of 25 to wear a helmet.

SB 217 – Requires the state DOT to implement a Vision Zero program by July 2018.

SB 221 – Allows for automated photo red light enforcement.

SB 328 – Requires 3-foot separation when passing a bicyclist.


2017 Session: January 8 to April 7 (adjourned)


2017 Session: January 2 to April 28 (adjourned)

 SB 33 – Exempting traffic signs, traffic signals, and street lighting from meeting building code standards.

HB 149 – Revise laws related to license plate scanning.

HB 174 – Requiring headlights be on on two-lane highways. (Failed to pass)

HB 267 – Provide a reasonable distance when passing a bicycle (3-ft or 5-ft depending on speed). (Failed to pass)


2017 Session: February 6 to June 6 (adjourned)

New Mexico

2017 Session: January 17 to March 18 (adjourned)

 SB 76 – Requires traffic to move over or slow down for stationary vehicle that are displaying flashing emergency or hazard lights.

2017 Session: February 1 to July 10 (adjourned)

 HB 2017 – 10-year, $5.3 billion transportation funding bill. SB 125 – Requires the use of headlights when windshield wipers are on.

SB 532 – Sets new rules for driving in the left lane.

SB 475 – Permits school bus driver to operate video recording device for purpose of recording persons who fail to stop for bus safety lights. Permits law enforcement agency to issue citation for failure to stop for bus safety lights based on report submitted by school bus driver that includes recording of violation.

SB 556 – Prohibits driving with a dog in the drivers lap.

HB 2409 – Allows cities to issue speeding violations from red light cameras.

HB 2440 – Directs state DOT to remove HOV lanes on Interstate 5 in Portland.

HB 2489 – Increases the speed limit on State Highway 97 for certain vehicles.

HB 2665 – Allows mopeds and motorcycles to drive along the shoulder in congestion.

HB 2682 – Cities and counties acting as road authority have the ability to establish legally binding speeds on their roads taking ODOT out of the involvement in the decision making process on city and county roads.


2017 Session: January 23 to March 9 (adjourned)

HB 161 – Refining laws related to pedestrians impeding traffic: Mainly related to pedestrians soliciting and receiving money.



2017 Session: January 9 to April 21 (adjourned)

 HB 1149 – Allows an exemption from a three foot maximum extension on the front of a vehicle for transit busses with front mounted bike racks.


HB 1262 – Access aisle for disabled van parking space shall have min 96-inch aisle width. (Waiting for Gov signature)

HB 1335 – Promote the buildout of electric vehicle infrastructure.

SB 5018 – Allows taxis carrying a disabled person to use HOV lanes. (Waiting for Gov signature)

SB 5053 – Adjusting speed limits on certain sections of Interstate 90

SB 5156 – Requires motorcycle drivers under the age of 18 to wear a helmet.


2017 Session: January 10 to March 7 (adjourned)

 HB 80 – Requirements for transportation network companies.


HB 64 – Provisions for moving over or slowing when passing a vehicle with flashing lights. (Failed to pass)


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