ITE Joint Sections Webinar Series: Diversity & Inclusion

The transportation industry has a proud history of professionals making a difference in our communities. We have learned differences in background and experience can enrich the communities in which we live and work. Because personal experience and identity shape how people see the world, there is plenty to learn about thoughtful, open, and integrated sharing of ideas and career journeys. But how do we do this? Why is it important to a transportation professional? Join us as we explore these questions as well as many others on this topic by hearing from voices of thought leaders, consultants, public agencies, professional societies, and student leaders.

The Western District presents an ITE Joint Sections 4-part series on this topic starting February 17th. Each session in this series will bring a different perspective on Diversity & Inclusion with each session conveniently scheduled over lunch time (noon to 1:00 PM Pacific). In addition, we have also planned a 5th bonus session will focus on student perspectives and the role they see that Diversity & Inclusion plays in how the profession is to advance in the coming decade.

Registration is open to all ITE members for free (small registration fee for non-ITE members). The series is hosted by the ITE Oregon Section as virtual meetings and made available to all ITE members who might be interested in how Diversity & Inclusion is being addressed in the transportation industry.

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