International Director’s Report

International Board of ITE – October 2018 Meeting Report

By Walter Okitsu, P.E., P.T.O.E., P.T.P, International Director from the Western District

The following summarizes ITE’s International Board of Direction (IBOD) meeting held October 20-21, 2018 near Scottsdale, Arizona. This was my last meeting of my three-year term representing the Western District. The Board consists of 15 voting members that, besides myself, includes the Institute President Michael Sanderson and Directors Karen Aspelin and Carlos Ortiz from the Western District

District Realignment of Western District

A new Rocky Mountain District is proposed consisting of current Western District states Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.  Incoming Director Cathy Leong reported that in the months preceding the IBOD meeting, a Western District task force met with the sections of the proposed new Rocky Mountain District as well as the sections that would remain in the Western District. Some sections conducted informal electronic surveys among their members. Responses from sections were generally neutral, with members wanting more information.

All but one of the 15 IBOD members favored moving ahead with creating a Rocky Mountain District out of the Western District, and the following motion was passed with my own being the lone opposing vote:

  • Motion to advance the formation of a new Rocky Mountain District by directing the IBOD’s ONE ITE Task Force to establish a sub-task force, to be chaired by incoming ITE Vice-President Randy McCourt. This sub-task force will engage a committee of local leaders from the involved Sections and Chapters (Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Colorado-Wyoming, New Mexico and Arizona) to develop a more complete transition plan, with strategies to address the ideas, issues and concerns of members from those Sections and Chapters received during the outreach process. This effort should also consider concerns raised by members of the existing Western District. The IBOD would like to receive a briefing on progress at its next meeting in January 2019 and a final report at its meeting in May 2019.

If this proposed realignment carries through, the Western District would be reduced to five states bordering the Pacific Coast and the US territories in the Pacific. The Western District would have two directors on the International Board, and the 8-state Rocky Mountain District would have one. Also included in the realignment is a proposal to divide the Intermountain Section into four separate sections, with Idaho, Montana, Nevada, and Utah each becoming a new section.

In other news . . .

Model District Charters and Bylaws

New District charters and bylaws will be issued to each district. The most notable changes affecting the Western District–other than a potential redrawing of the District boundaries –are requirements that each section or state have a representative serve as a voting member of the District board and that the terms of office for District officers must be on a calendar-year basis.  A draft of the new model District charter and bylaws will be sent to the Districts for comment in the coming months.

Section Affiliates

Sections will no longer be allowed to collect local dues from section affiliates, who are non-ITE members wishing to be active at the local section level without paying  the higher Institute or District dues rate. The transition of Section affiliates into full members will occur as follows:

  • In the fall of 2018 the Institute will invite current Section affiliates to join as a full member of ITE for calendar year 2019. The cost will be only the cost of Section dues, which International gives back to the Section.
  • Former affiliates who sign up to be full members for 2019 at the cost of Section dues will be invited to remain a full member of ITE for calendar year 2020 at the cost of Section dues plus 50% of International dues.
  • Beginning in 2019 there should be no use of the category “Section affiliate.” Individuals wishing to attend ITE events should be encouraged to join ITE as a full member or may attend events as a non-member guest.

District Realignment of Florida District

The Florida District is developing a reorganization plan to be approved and signed by its board at their November annual meeting. The current Florida Section will be divided into multiple sections. The boundaries of current chapters in Florida will be modified as well.

District Realignment of Midwestern and Great Lakes Districts

The Missouri Valley Section will be converted to a new district. The remainder of the Midwestern District, consisting of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, will be merged with the Great Lakes District to create a newly consolidated district.

Future Direction for ITE

An Industry Council will be created with members consisting of firms, not individuals.


Executive Director Jeff Paniati reported that the 2017 audit resulted in about $800,000 net revenue. The preliminary financials indicate 2018 will be closer to break-even. Contract and grant work conducted by staff for other agencies is down this year, but sales of Trip Generation have been good.  He noted that ITE’s revenue breakdown is this: Dues 36%; Services 29%; Meetings 13%; and Products 22%.  Expense distribution is Salaries and Administration 55%; Operations 25%; Products 10%; and Annual Meeting 10%.

A 2019 break-even budget is being developed. For 2019, ITE will release a new edition of Parking Generation which should boost revenues. However, 2019 will also be a year that the Institute will be subsidizing sections as they transition their section affiliates into Institute members, which would raise expenses.  The reserves-to-annual expenditures ratio is at about 35%, and will soon be at 42%. The goal is to be at 75%.

Undergraduate Minority Scholars Program

The Board directed staff to develop a policy on creating the Undergraduate Minority Scholars Program, which would issue one scholarship each year to a low-income first generation minority student entering college.

Existing Initiatives Assessment

ITE’s current initiatives are in the fields of Transportation and Public Health, Vision Zero, Smart Communities, and Connected/Autonomous Vehicles, each with a task force. Vision Zero’s task force will be sunsetted. A possible new initiative would be Mobility as a Service, which includes ride-hailing, bike-sharing, and e-scooter sharing services.

Technical Updates

  1. Curbside Management Guide will be done by the first week of November.
  2. Road to Zero grant on speed management—the national level workshop on this issue will be held in New York City on November 8th
  3. Vision Zero—there will be a co-branded product released shortly by ITE and Vision Zero Network on Vision Zero core principles
  4. Clearance Interval Proposed Recommended Practice—the appeals process closed on October 15th and there were six appeals. The President has to convene a jury to listen to the appeals.

The ITE position on Connected/Autonomous Vehicles was reviewed by the CAV Steering Committee. Comments were both positive and negative. A revised version to reflect most of these comments has been developed by ITE staff.

Student Leadership Summit in Australia

Student Leadership Summits, an idea first hatched at the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo campus in 2014, have been held in the Midwestern, Northeastern, Florida, Texas, Canadian, and now the Global District. University students gathered in Melbourne last September, and plan to hold another event next year.