International Director’s Report

International Board of ITE meets in Minneapolis

Big Changes in Store for the Western District

By Karen Aspelin, P.E., P.T.O.E., International Director from the Western District

The following summarizes the third of four calendar year meetings of ITE’s International Board of Direction (IBOD), which met August 18-19 in Minneapolis.


Executive Director Jeff Paniati reported that although contract revenue is behind projections, other revenue, notably sales of Trip Generation, income from a sublease, and certification refresher courses, is exceeding projections, and ITE is expected to break even this year. ITE’s reserves are still below what is desirable, but any excess cash will be moved into reserves later this year. Registration for the Minneapolis meeting is somewhat lower than projected, but exhibitor and sponsor revenue has exceeded expectations.  Finally, ITE International still holds onto and invests the scholarship funds for several districts and sections; a conference call with local treasurers will be held in the coming year to discuss how this money is invested.

Town Hall Meetings

ITE President Michael Sanderson reported that Town Hall meetings had been held at all of the district annual meetings this year.  Topics and feedback included:

  • an evaluation of the new election process (well-received by most),
  • ITE’s branding as a “Community of Transportation Professionals” (maybe not trickling down to the local levels), and
  • the One ITE initiative (irrelevant or provocative, depending on the district).

The Town Halls will be held again at next year’s district meetings. Local Activity Committees (LACs) will be provided more information in advance on the items to be discussed to encourage better attendance.


ITE’s numbers continue to grow after the 15,000-member goal was met this year, according to Membership Director Colleen Agan.  Starting in 2019, dues for undergraduate students will be free while they remain at the undergraduate level, while dues for graduate students will be $30 per year without a free initial year.

Technical Programs

Chief Technical Officer Jeff Lindley informed the IBOD that ITE will be hosting four FHWA training sessions on speed reduction in 2019; one will be held at the joint International-Texas District meeting in Austin next summer. Five technical products to be unveiled soon are a new e-edition of Parking Generation, a Curbside Management Guide and website, a recommended practice for clearance intervals, and informational reports on the preemption of signals at railroad crossings and transit in TIAs.

Election Procedures

Further modifications were made to the election procedures, to clarify the use of social media. In next year’s election, all social media posts regarding the election will be through ITE International. Additionally, videos will not be required from the candidates.


The first exam for the new Road Safety Professional (RSP) certification will be held this fall, and over 225 applicants have already registered.  This will be a “Level 1” certification; a Level 2 RSP certification exam will be developed in the coming year.  Candidates for RSP must have a degree and two years’ experience, but a P.E. is not a prerequisite for the certification.

One ITE Initiative

Changes are already taking place to reorganize members to align with the One ITE Initiative:

  • The Florida District is developing a reorganization plan to be approved and signed by its board at their November annual meeting. Significant changes in Florida involve dividing the state of Florida, currently a single section, into multiple sections and creating new chapters that are subsidiaries of the new sections.
  • The Midwestern and Great Lakes districts have developed an MOU (which was later signed in Minneapolis). The Missouri Valley ITE (MOVITE) Section will be upgraded into its own district. The Illinois, Wisconsin, and North Central ITE sections will be transferred to the Great Lakes District.
  • A letter was presented to the IBOD signed by the presidents of the Colorado-Wyoming, Intermountain, New Mexico, and Arizona sections. The letter expressed general support of the Initiative and to making changes to the Western District to align it with the ideals of One ITE. A motion was then made and passed 14-to-one by the IBOD that the Western District should be restructured into two or more districts. A transition plan for this reorganization will be prepared for review at the October IBOD meeting.
  • Input on changes proposed as part of One ITE should be directed to Florida District Director Dan Beaty, chair of the One ITE Task Force at

A draft of the new model district charter and bylaws will be sent to the districts for comment in the coming months.  Significant changes to these are that each district must have calendar-year terms for its officers (although elections can still occur any time of year) and that every district board must have representation from each of its states or sections.

Finally, the transition of section affiliates into full members will occur as follows:

  • In the fall of 2018 ITE International will request to be sent lists of section affiliates. These individuals will be sent an invitation to become a full member of ITE for calendar year 2019. The cost will be only the cost of section dues, which International gives back to the section.
  • Former affiliates who sign up to be full members for 2019 at the cost of section dues will be invited to remain a full member of ITE for calendar year 2020 at the cost of section dues plus 50% of International dues.
  • Beginning in 2019 there should be no use of the category “section affiliate.” Individuals wishing to attend ITE events should be encouraged to join ITE as a full member or may attend events as a non-member guest. As always, sections can determine how much to charge members, non-members, consultants, agency employees, and students for events.