International Director’s Report

Submitted by: Cathy Leong and Mark Spencer, Western District International Directors

The ITE International Board of Direction (IBOD) met in person on November 6 and 7 at ITE Headquarters in Washington, DC.  New Board Members Jerry Baxter (Mid-Colonial District), Neelam Dorman (Western District), Edward Soldo (Canadian District), and Jeff Young (Great Lakes District) were sworn in and welcomed to the IBOD.

Key topics on the agenda were the 2021 financial report and 2022 budget, the 2022 Student-to-Younger Member Implementation Plan, continued discussion of efforts to support Sections and Districts and review of the 2021 Developing Trends Report from the Council Leadership Team.

The Board received a financial report from ITE CEO and Executive Director Jeff Paniati.  Through September, ITE’s 2021 financial performance has been strong with revenues running ahead of budget and expenses below budget. The 2022 Budget was approved and projects a significant financial surplus supported by reduction of rent expenses due to consolidation of ITE’s office space and the expected strong sales of the Trip Generation Manual, 11th Edition.  As part of the 2022 Budget adoption, starting in January 2022, all stand-alone webinars will be free for ITE members.

Board member Andrew Velasquez presented the Student-to-Younger Member implementation plan for 2022.  This is a very comprehensive plan involving actions by ITE HQ, the Education Council, Districts, Sections, and Student Chapters and will be a major emphasis area for ITE efforts in 2022.  More information will be forthcoming in the December ITE Journal. The December District-Section Leadership Webinar will focus on this topic and the support needed from Districts and Sections.

ITE Past President Randy McCourt updated the IBOD on ongoing District Visioning sessions being held with the Florida Puerto Rico and Missouri Valley Districts.  Strategic Plans for both Districts should be completed by the end of the year.  Board members spent time discussing recent efforts to assist Sections in their Districts and sharing lessons.  Board member Gordon Meth reported on efforts to restructure the New England Section to be in alignment with the structure adopted throughout ITE as part of the ONE ITE effort.  The Board also approved the establishment of the Lone Star Section for currently “at-large” members in Texas.

ITE Council Leadership Team (CLT) Chair Eric Rensel updated the IBOD on the establishment of a Data Committee to guide Institute efforts in the Big Data/Data Analytics area.  International President Alyssa Rodriguez outlined a series of proposed actions as follow-up to this year’s Transportation Equity Listening Sessions, including the establishment of a new Transportation Equity Committee. Eric presented the results of the 2021 Developing Trends Report.  After discussion, the IBOD commended the CLT on the quality of the Developing Trends work and encouraged the Councils and committees to use this report to guide their 2022 efforts.  The IBOD did not select a new initiative for 2022, but rather recommended focusing energy on advancing efforts in the data and transportation equity areas.

The 2022 virtual Technical Conference will be held March 15-16 with a theme of “Innovations that Work.”  The 2022 Annual Meeting and Exhibition will be held in New Orleans, July 31-August 3.

The IBOD accepted a proposal from the Mountain District to hold the 2026 International Annual Meeting and Exhibition in conjunction with the Mountain District in Denver.