International Director’s Report

Submitted by: Cathy Leong and Mark Spencer, Western District International Directors

The ITE International Board of Direction (IBOD) met virtually on July 13 and 14.  Key topics on the agenda were a status report on efforts to support Sections and Districts, a report from the Student to Young Member Taskforce and an update on the2021 Board Initiative on Transportation Equity.

The Board received a financial report from ITE CEO and Executive Director Jeff Paniati.  The 2020 financial audit is nearing completion and expected to confirm a strong financial result.   For 2021 membership renewals are going well and expected to exceed 2020.  Contract revenues are on target and meeting registration for the 2021 virtual Annual Meeting is very good with more than 1,200 registrants a week prior to the meeting.

ITE Associate Executive Director Colleen Agan updated the IBOD on the Section 101 engagement sessions ITE HQ has been holding with new Section leaders from the Florida Puerto Rico, Missouri Valley and Mountain Districts.  These sessions have been very successful.  Each Section has done a great job of identifying priorities for the year and opportunities for the District and ITE HQ to help them.  District Visioning sessions will be held this fall with the Florida Puerto Rico and Missouri Valley Districts and will build on the Section 101 efforts.  Board members spent time discussing how they can personally assist Sections in their Districts and sharing lessons learned from across ITE.

The Student to Young Member Taskforce, under the leadership of Andrew Velasquez, provided a report of their work with a series of potential actions at all levels of ITE to strengthen the student experience and support the transition from student to younger member.  The Board commended the work done and accepted the report.  Staff were tasked with identifying opportunities for immediate implementation and developing a proposed set of priorities for 2022.

Chief Technical Officer Jeff Lindley and Coordinating Council Chair, Eric Rensel updated the IBOD on the progress of ITE’s technical activities. The 11th Edition of the Trip Generation Manual will be released in September.  This edition will add significant new data, integrate all of ITE’s multimodal trip generation information and provide significant new functionality through the ITE TripGen app.

ITE International President Alyssa Rodriguez presented the results to-date from the Transportation Equity Listing Sessions and shared a potential set of next steps.  These next steps include a strong focus on developing definitions, case studies and metrics that can be used by practitioners. They will be discussed with members at the ITE Town Hall during the Annual Meeting and prioritized at the next IBOD meeting.