International Director’s Report

By: Carlos A. Ortiz, PE, TE, PTOE,
2018 – 2020 International Board Director

The International Board of Direction (IBOD) of ITE met virtually on October 27, November 4, and November 5, 2020. The following are highlights from this meeting.

  • 2020 and 2021 Financial Update

We had a successful financial year in 2020 and we ended the year in the black.

In our 2021 budget, we have evaluated the potential impacts due to the pandemic. We have assumed a 7½% loss in individual members (similar to the annual loss in individual dues during the 2009 recession); 20% loss in public agency membership; and 40% overall loss in Career Center revenue.

The other downturn projected in revenue will be in the contracts area. We have $700,000 in hand for 2021, which is less than in recent years. If an anticipated contract comes through as expected, it would bring us to $850,000. We may be well into 2021 before other commitments come through.

New revenue ideas include a virtual technical conference in the spring and the development of a new Trip Generation Manual. The biggest challenge will be to develop a methodology to use pre-COVID data in a post-COVID environment.

The 2021 budget was adopted by the Board and there will be some minor adjustments and a final budget will be presented to the Board in February 2021.

  • Other Updates

Traffic Engineering Handbook – HQ is planning to work with the Traffic Engineering Council and Professional Development Committee to deliver the content of a new Traffic Engineering Handbook in another format.

International Virtual Student Leadership Summit – We have 14 universities organizing the International Virtual Student Leadership Summit with every District represented. It will be held February 19 – 20, 2021. Registration will be $10 for students. All monies raised will go to the Diversity Scholars Program.

ITE Young Leaders to Follow in 2021 –  A new initiative started a while ago as “Fresh Faces of ITE” and we had hoped it would be picked up by the Younger Member Committee but it will now be managed by ITE Staff. ITE is planning to merge the District Rising Stars (they would still be recognized as Rising Stars in their District) into this group.

2021 Virtual Technical Conference – Due to our success of our virtual Annual Meeting in 2020, ITE is planning a Virtual Technical Conference in March 2021. The theme of the conference would be Creating Innovative Intersections and Streets. There would be a plenary on the first day and two concurrent sessions across five-time blocks. Suggested pricing would be about half of what they were for the Virtual Annual Meeting.

Advice to Districts for 2021 – It was discussed that we should give the Districts guidance on what their meeting status should be at the beginning of 2021. The Board agreed we would encourage them to make decisions based upon local regulations and advisories.

2021 Annual Meeting – HQ is moving forward with an in-person Annual Meeting in Portland, Oregon. The Annual Meeting will be held on July 18 – 20, 2021.

Policies Presentation – John Davis lead the discussion and thanked the committee for their hard work. We had one new definition, seven new policies and one revised policy. IBOD approved eight new policies and one revised policy.

IBOD Procedures Manual – IBOD approved the proposed changes to Section 11-2 which includes Council Guiding Principles and descriptions.

Strategic Planning and 2021 Priorities – ITE’s Strategic Plan and priorities for 2021 was presented by HQ and discussed with IBOD. Due to the current pandemic, we focused on our membership and to continue supporting our ITE members via webinars, training, etc.

This is my last report as a International Director and I want to thank our membership and our current and past Board of Directors for your support the last seven years. As Zaki indicted, together we are the best!