International Director’s Report

By Carlos A. Ortiz, International Director

January 12, 2020

The ITE International Board of Direction (IBOD) met in Washington D.C. for our Winter Board Meeting on January 12. In addition, I attended Coordinating Council Meeting and Transportation Consultants Council Meeting. Our IBOD meeting was very productive with multiple items covered on both days.  We covered the following items:

  1. Budget and Finance Committee Report – 2019 Budget: Jeff Paniati reported that in October 2019, $300,000 was allocated to our reserves. This now puts ITE at 45% of its annual operating budget. Jeff indicated that we ended the year with about a $600,000 positive outcome due to investment and program performance. 2020 Budget: Jeff noted that some minor adjustments had been made to the 2020 budget from the November version.
  2. Strategic Planning Update – An overview of our 2020 Strategic Plan was provided. Our committee has been working hard developing our strategic plan for the next three years. Our Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Value Statements were approved by the Board. The Board also reviewed our Goal Statements. We are anticipating approval of our 2020 Strategic Plan at our next Board Meeting in April. The goal is to provide our 2020 Strategic Plan to our membership later this year.
  3. Policy Document – Over the past 15 months, our Policy Committee has been reviewing various ITE policies. The next steps are to have the Board authorize the staff to publish the draft policies for a 30-day review period. It is anticipated that a final document will be submitted at our Board Meeting in April. New policies will be considered in the coming months and it is anticipated that a final document will be approved by the Board at either its August or November meetings.
  4. Guidelines for Determining Traffic Signal Change and Clearance Intervals – ITE staff presented background information about the recommended practice to determine yellow change and red clearance intervals for traffic signals and their transportation application. The Board approved the changes with some minor edits. The final Report will be published in early March 2020. The rollout of the final Report will include 1-2 webinars, an Annual Meeting presentation, training (TBD), and publication of a series of articles in the March ITE Journal.
  5. Coordinating Council Update – an Overview of the re-structuring of the Councils was presented and it includes: the modernization of the Chair Transition Plan, the council structure including the transition of the employer-based councils, oversight activities, aligning products and a digital collaboration strategy for the Councils and Committees.
  6. Annual Meetings – Our 2020 Annual meeting will be in New Orleans, Louisiana on August 9 – 12, 2020. It will be a Joint Meeting with the Southern District. ITE’s rotation plan for future Annual Meetings was developed in 2017 and updated more recently. In 2021, the Annual Meeting will be a joint Meeting with Western District in Portland, Oregon on July 18 – 21. A revised rotation of the Annual Meetings with the Districts will be recommended for Board approval at our meeting in April. The Board’s preference to have Orlando, Florida be the 2022 destination and 2023 in Washington, DC as a first option with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a second option—provided they can work within our window. If neither city can accommodate 2023 in our meeting window, The Board agreed to revert back to Philadelphia for 2022 in the dates they provided outside our meeting window.
  7. ITE’s 90th Anniversary and $90 for 90 Campaign – This year is ITE’s 90th Anniversary. ITE staff presented activities that are planned for our 90th anniversary. In addition, we will be holding a $90 for 90 fundraising campaign. The goal is to raise $90,000 for our Legacy and Scholarship Programs.