International Director’s Report

International Board of Direction Minutes

By Karen Aspelin, P.E., P.T.O.E., International Director from the Western District

The International Board of Direction (IBOD) of ITE met November 2-3, 2019 in Washington, D.C. The following are highlights from this meeting.

  • Date “windows” were defined for all of the District annual meetings to avoid overlapping annual meetings. The Western District’s window is June 20 – July 5. No date window has been set yet for the new Mountain District.
  • The past year was strong for ITE and $300,000 was recently moved into reserves.
  • The mission statement accompanying ITE’s new Strategic Plan was approved:  “To provide the global community of transportation professionals with the knowledge, practices, skills, and connections to serve the needs of their communities and help shape the future of the profession and transportation in the societal context.”
  • The upcoming locations for ITE International Annual meetings are:
    • 2020-New Orleans
    • 2021-Portland, OR
    • 2022- Washington, DC
    • 2023- Florida is under consideration
    • 2024 – New York City is under consideration
    • 2025 – a location in the western part of the US was suggested
  • Candidates for 2021 International Vice President are Beverly Kuhn and Jason Crawford (both from Texas District)
  • The Model Section Charters and Bylaws were approved. Sections will be able to “personalize” them somewhat, and the District Boards will approve the before they go to IBOD next July. Section Bylaws will NOT have to be approved by a vote of the Section memberships.
  • ITE’s Right Turn on Red Recommended Practice (RP) was rescinded by the Board at the July 2019 meeting. A new IR will be generated.
  • Changes are coming for ITE International’s awards program that will provide more consistency from the District and Section levels and criteria for award judging.
  • ITE will be holding a micro-mobility design competition at the annual meeting in New Orleans, to bring new concepts, ideas and solutions to the forefront of the industry.
  • The transfer of student endowment funds has occurred from the Western to the Mountain District. The Western District is still holding Mountain District’s share of operating funds until the Mountain District’s bank account is open.