International Director’s Report

ITE International Board Meeting in Austin

By Cathy Leong, P.E., Western District International Director

The following summarizes the ITE International Board of Direction’s (IBOD) meeting in Austin on July 19-20, 2019.


Executive Director Jeff Paniati reported that revenue for 2019 is exceeding projections with expenses trending slightly lower than anticipated. The only category that has fallen behind projections is Professional Development which is expected to pick up now that a new Professional Development Manager has been selected. ITE is expected to break even this year with some funds anticipated to be available to move into reserves later this year. Registration for the Austin meeting is higher than expected with exhibitor and sponsor revenue meeting expectations.

Technical Programs

Chief Technical Officer Jeff Lindley provided updates on the progress of ITE’s five key initiatives: Vision Zero, CAVs, Transportation and Health, Smart Communities, and Mobility as a Service. The proposed rescission of ITE Recommended Practice Guidelines for the Prohibition of Turns on Red was discussed as well as Infrastructure Owner Operator Guiding Principles for CAVs developed by AASHTO. Finally, reports were presented by the Chairs of the Coordinating Council, Maas/MOD Committee, Industry Council, and Consultant’s Council.


Membership Director Colleen Agan reported that ITE’s numbers continue to grow with the new goal being 16,000 members. ITE continues to work on transitioning Section affiliates to full members. Chapter affiliates will be the next focus group of potential members.

One ITE Initiative

Updates were presented regarding implementation of the ongoing One ITE initiative:

  • Reorganization of the Florida Puerto Rico District is proceeding. Bylaws were approved for the District.
  • The Missouri Valley and Great Lakes Districts have addressed outstanding issues with their MOU. Bylaws for both District were approved.
  • Western and Mountain Districts have been working through their transition plan. Charters were issued and Bylaws approved for the two Districts.
  • Bylaws for Mid Colonial, Northeastern, Southern and Texas Districts were approved with Bylaws for the remaining Districts expected later this year.

A draft of model Section charter and bylaws, and Chapter charter will be sent to the Districts for comment in the coming months. These draft documents were based on the previously developed District model documents.

District Annual Meetings

ITE is coordinating windows for District Annual Meetings to minimize overlap between the meetings. This will allow the Executive Committee and ITE staff to participate in all of the District meetings. Recommendations regarding differential pricing for District and Section/Chapter events was discussed to reinforce the value of membership at those levels.


The new Road Safety Professional (RSP) certification was held last October with 300 professionals certified by that exam. The Level 2 RSP certification exam is expected to be administered later this year in October.