International Board of Direction Report – Fall 2016

By Walter Okitsu, District International Director

ITE’s International Board of Direction met at the Institute’s headquarters in Washington DC on November 4 and 5, 2016. Key items of discussion are listed below.

Financially, 2016 appears to be a break-even year for the Institute. This is a substantial turnaround from projections at the start of 2016 that had budgeted for a $1.2 million loss this year, which would follow a $1.9 million loss (according to the auditor) in 2015. Losses were also experienced in 2013 and 2014. The Board approved a tentative 2017 budget with positive net revenue.

ITE’s Vision Zero task force anticipates having its first product, an online toolbox, running by the January 2017 TRB meeting.

The Board and staff will be considering what role the Institute will play regarding initiatives for Smart Cities and for transportation’s relation to public health.

The title of Institute Affiliate is being eliminated, as those holding that title are being converted to regular Member status.

ITE is looking to have a unified rate for dues being collected by sections, which currently vary between $10 and $35 within Western District. ITE Headquarters also desires converting most Section Affiliates (i.e., participants in section activities who pay no dues to the Institute or the Western District) into full dues-paying members.

The International District, formerly District 8, has been renamed the “Global District” and will consist of the current Australia & New Zealand Section and a second section representing the rest of the world.

The 2016 Annual Meeting in Anaheim was a financial success. Future annual meetings conducted jointly with district annual meetings are desired but would require a change in the Constitution stretching the possible dates of the Annual Meeting to as early as April 1 and as late as November 15.

The Board approved modifying the election process for Vice President. The modifications include requiring candidate paperwork by mid-September, elimination of candidacy by petition, the holding of town hall webinars organized by ITE Headquarters, prohibition of campaigning other than that facilitated by Headquarters, and conducting the election in February with the winner announced by March 15. Some of these recommendations require an amendment to the Constitution. Amendments would be subject to further amendment at the 2017 Toronto Annual Business Meeting and require two-thirds vote for passage.

The Nominating Committee has selected Ken Ackeret (Western District) and Bruce Belmore (Canadian District) as candidates for ITE’s 2018 International Vice President.