MiteY Race 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019
Monterey, CA
3-5 PM

Presented in conjunction with the 2019 Western District Annual Meeting
as a fundraiser for the Richard T. Romer Student Endowment Fund

We want this event to be fun and fair for all teams. Please remember this is a competitive event, but safety comes first. Please use good judgment and common sense. We want everyone to arrive at the finish line safely!

General Race Information

Teams will be divided into the following two categories: 

Category Team Members
  • Only two (2) students per team.
  • At least one teammate MUST be a student member of ITE.
  • Up to 15 teams.
  • No more than two (2) teams per school.
  • Additional teams can register but will be waitlisted.
  • No limit on the number of team members.
  • Up to 15 teams.
  • Additional teams can register but will be waitlisted.
  1. Registration for the MiteY Race is on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. Registrations must be received by June 1st.
  3. The entry fee is $50 per team and racers will not have any additional expenses during the race. The entry fee is non-refundable should you choose not to participate on race day.  However, you are allowed to transfer your entry to another ITE participant.
  4. Team members must be at least 18 years of age with the exception of a teammate in the Family/Friends Category where at least one teammate must be 18 years old.
  5. Team members must stay together at all times.  Any team which is found out to have split up will be disqualified.
  6. Participants will not be able to proceed through the checkpoints until both team members have reached the checkpoint location.
  7. Teams will only be allowed to travel by foot.
  8. Each team must assign a team leader.  All race correspondence and material will only be provided to the team leader.
  9. Participants will be provided with MiteY Race wristbands that they MUST wear at all times (to be given out on race day).
  10. Participants will only use the material provided on the day of the race.  Money, including debit cards and credit cards are prohibited.
  11. You should not steal, coerce, or break any city, state, federal, or municipal laws in order to complete your tasks.
  12.  All participants must be in good physical and mental health.
  13. The above rules must be adhered to by all teams and team members. The marshals reserve the right to disqualify or deduct points from any team that breaks a rule. The penalty will depend upon the severity of the infraction.
  14. Each team must carry at least one (1) cell phone during the race.
  15. A maximum time limit of two (2) hours has been set for the race.  Teams that are unable to complete the race within this time limit will be contacted by the committee and instructed to proceed immediately to the finish line.
  16. Awards will be given to the first three teams in each category and will be presented during the Annual Awards Banquet on Tuesday night.
  17. The MiteY Race Committee has designed all aspects of the race with your safety in mind and our wonderful MiteY Race marshals will be available throughout the race course for any assistance.  You do not need to be a super athlete to compete but please keep in mind that some of the tasks can be physically challenging.  Also, challenges may be present that will push you beyond your comfort zone.  It will push you to try new things and will be truly exhilarating for all participants.

Application Checklist

Teams should submit their MiteY Race application as soon as possible to reserve a spot in the race.  As a reminder, the race will be held on Saturday, June 22nd, 2-4 PM.  You will receive an email once your online application is submitted confirming that a spot is being held for your team.

  • Submit your payment for your team’s entry fee online with a credit card or Paypal account, or send a check or money order for $50 made out to “ITE Student Endowment Fund” to:

    Kimberly Leung – Endowment Fund Committee Chair
    c/o SFMTA Sustainable Streets Division
    One South Van Ness Avenue, Seventh Floor
    San Francisco, CA  94103

    There will be a $2 processing fee applied to all online payments.  All teams must pay the entry fee in order to participate.  The entry fee is per team regardless of the number of team members.

  • Email your team photograph to with your team name in the subject line.  All teams should submit a team photograph.  Get creative!  Use your team photographs to show your personality

We consider a team’s application “complete” when we have received all of the above items.  Teams will be notified via email when their registration for the race is confirmed. Make sure to like us on Facebook ( to keep apprised of race updates and photo hints!