Editor’s Corner

I would like to begin by thanking you, the reader, for checking out this edition of the Western ITE Newsletter. For those interested in the contents of this newsletter, please note that extended versions of some articles, such as the informative “Making the bus cool” technical piece, can be read only on the online newsletter. In the coming months we will be posting all of the technical papers submitted to Western ITE that unfortunately could not be fit into the physical newsletter. While on the topic of the physical newsletter, we have announced that from here on out there will be only two printed editions per year with the majority of our content now being placed on this website. This is in keeping with the theme of Michael’s message to us this month and we are doing our best to work in a manner that is more economically efficient. The upside of moving to a primarily web based format is that much more content can be posted, including both articles and photos that would have taken too much space in a physical newsletter. To go directly to our photo album which now includes photos from Denver, follow the link http://picasaweb.google.com/zakiladot. (or simply click the photos link to your right) From this point forward, I would like section updates, technical papers and any other prospective articles to be sent to ntmustafa@gmail.com. The newsletter’s new format is exciting for us all, and I cannot say enough how much I appreciate the readership.

Together We Are the Best– Interim Managing Editor Zaki Mustafa