District 6 Candidates for Office

The following slate of candidates for District officers was approved at the mid-year Board meeting held on February 6, 2009:

President: Michael Sanderson

Vice President: Edgar Perez


Alyssa Reynolds,  Scott L. Thorson

International Director:

Larry Wymer,  Dalene J. Whitlock

Statements for each of these individuals are presented in this issue.

Candidate Statements:

Candidate for PresidentMichael Sanderson

Michael Sanderson, PE, PTOE

Principal, Sanderson Stewart, Billings, Montana

For the past 2 years, I have been privileged to serve as an officer of the Western District. Over this time, I have gained valuable insight into the operations of the District.  I’ve worked with the other officers, international directors and the District’s dedicated committee chairs to serve the members of ITE and to help achieve our common goals.  Now I’m honored to be nominated as President and would appreciate your vote.

Prior to my service at the District level, I have served ITE in many past roles and each has added to the perspective I bring to my role as a District leader.  From the Montana Chapter, to the Intermountain Section, to Local Arrangements Committee Chairman for the 2005 District 6 Annual Meeting and Professional Advisor for the Montana State University student chapter, I have gained valuable insights to the issues of the Institute.

When I originally campaigned for District office, I campaigned on the following themes, and they still resonate today:

Serve our current members first.  Carefully considering the value of the services we provide is paramount in the current economy as our members scrutinize the use of their discretionary dollars.

Support the student initiatives endowment.  Students are the future of our profession and the Institute and should remain one of our highest priorities.

Increase membership.  As many organizations look for ways to cut spending, we will need to develop new and creative ways to attract members.

Elevate the public image of transportation professionals.  Starting as early as elementary school, we must work to create a positive “brand” for our profession so the public recognizes our significant contributions to their quality of life.

Maintain ITE’s family-friendly meetings and reduce registration fees.  Our family-friendly meetings distinguish ITE from other organizations. As a board we must work hard to keep registration fees and hotel costs affordable.

ITE Experience:

District 6 2005 Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Committee (Kalispell) – Chairman, Intermountain Section Officer, 2003-2007 (President, 2006-2007), Montana Chapter Officer, 1997-2000 (President, 1999-2000), Montana State University Student Chapter, Professional Advisor, ITE Transportation Planning Council, ITE Transportation Consultants Council, Executive Committee member

Education :

MBA, University of Montana  MSCE, Montana State University  BSCE, Montana State University


PE – Montana & Wyoming    PTOE, since 2002,  District 6 Individual Achievement Award,  MSU Engineering Advisory Council

Candidate for Vice PresidentEdgar Perez

Edgar Perez, P.E. Fellow

As Vice-President for the Western District I pledge to dedicate the necessary time to continuing making ITE the professional organization of choice for existing and new members. I commit to dedicate my efforts to the betterment and growth of the Western District at all levels.

I’ve been a member of ITE for 21 years and thank you for the privilege to serve this past year as your Secretary-Treasurer for the District. Prior to serving at the District level, I served at the local level including: Newsletter Chair, Student Scholarship Chair, Student Chapter Liaison, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President, President and Past President of the San Diego Section and as Student Endowment Fund Liaison.

I’ve enjoyed serving ITE and have actively participated with the local sections where my employment assignments have taken me including the following Sections: Salt Lake City, Utah; Riverside/San Bernardino, Southern California and San Diego Sections.

I’m currently a Senior Project Manager/Traffic Engineering Area Manager with Parsons supporting five Southern California offices.

As a family man, I enjoy the full support of my wife and kids to take on the duties and responsibilities pertaining to this position.

I am honored to be nominated to continue serving the District and would appreciate your vote.

Candidate for Secretary-TreasurerAlyssa Reynolds

Alyssa Reynolds. PE, PTOE

As Western District Secretary-Treasurer, I pledge my time and effort to maintaining the excellent service, programs, and outreach Western District members have come to expect of our leaders.  I also pledge to continue the innovation and progressive nature that has been the hallmark of our District.

To meet this pledge, I will uphold the following four tenets during my service to the District:

Fiscal responsibility. District funds should be used efficiently and prudently, especially during challenging economic times, while maximizing…

Value for members. The District should provide relevant training, services and information exchange while keeping costs affordable.  Efficient, regular…

Communication through appropriate and accessible mediums can assist in this effort.  Extra communication effort should be focused on…

Outreach to students, younger members, and agency members to ensure connectedness and continuity within the Institute.

I’ve been a member of ITE since my undergraduate years at Montana State University.  I served as the student chapter president in 2000/2001.  During that time I had the good fortune to attend ITE conferences at the Section, District and International levels and to learn firsthand how positive and beneficial those experiences can be for students.

Shortly after arriving in Nevada, I was elected the Nevada Chapter Board.  Following my service in Nevada, I was elected to the Intermountain Section Board.  The geography and structure of our

section is unique to the District, which affords extra years of ITE experience as well as experience dealing with both local and region-wide ITE issues.  In addition to serving as an officer, I was appointed to be the District 6 Student and Faculty Initiatives Chair in 2005, which has allowed me to continue my contact with students and young professionals.

Professionally, I have worn many hats.  From distributing surveys at highway rest areas to travel demand forecasting to traffic signal design, I’ve worked on numerous facets of the transportation industry.  I’m currently employed with the City of Henderson, a progressive and customer-service oriented agency.  My primary duties include traffic engineering studies, safe routes to school, and citizen interaction.  My employer fully supports and encourages ITE participation.

I am honored to be selected as a candidate for Western District Secretary-Treasurer.  ITE has meant a lot to me both professionally and personally, and I value every opportunity to give back to the organization.

Candidate for Secretary-Treasurer

Scott L. Thorson, PE, PTOEScott Thorson

Scott L. Thorson, PE, PTOE is a Senior Project Engineer with Orth-Rodgers & Associates, Inc. in Carson City, NV.  Mr. Thorson obtained his BSCE from North Dakota State University.  Scott is a registered Professional Civil Engineer in the states of Nevada and California and is certified as a PTOE.

Professional Affiliations:

Member of ITE

ITE Intermountain Section President 2004-2005

ITE Nevada Chapter President 1999-2000

Member of ASCE

ASCE Nevada Section President 1997-1998

ASCE Capital Branch President 1989-1990, 1992-1993 and 1998-1999

Member of APWA

Member of TRB Committees

Member of Markings Committee for the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for the MUTCD

Member of AASHTO Subcommittee on Traffic Engineering

Vice Chair of AASHTO NTPEP Raised Pavement Markers and Adhesives Panel

Member of Operating Management Committee for FAST/LVACTS

Member of Nevada Traffic Control Devices Committee

Co-Chair of Traffic Control Devices Consortium Pooled Fund study for FHWA

Member of Reducing Crashes at Rural Intersections Pooled Fund study for FHWA

2006 recipient of American Traffic Safety Services Association’s National Safety Award

Professional Experience

Scott Thorson has over 26 years of experience in the public and private sectors.  Scott was the Chief Traffic Engineer for the Nevada Department of Transportation for over 11 of his 19 years in the Traffic Engineering Division.  He was in charge of the design of signals, lighting, signing, pavement markings, traffic control, ITS and traffic operations for NDOT.  Scott retired from NDOT in 2007 after more than 25 years of service.  Scott is now a Senior Project Engineer with ORA in Carson City.  He conducts Roadway and Traffic Engineering Design and Transportation Planning projects.

ITE Activities

Scott has attended and/or made presentations at numerous Nevada Chapter, Intermountain Section, District 6 and International meetings.  He also co-taught a young professionals class on “Intersection Design” at the 2008 Intermountain Section meeting.

Vision and Goals for District 6

Reduce the cost of District meetings to support and encourage more Public Agency and student attendance.

Continue and expand mentoring of students and Young Professionals throughout District 6.Increase efforts to recruit and retain more members into ITE.

Attract and encourage more students to become interested in and enter the Transportation Engineering field of studies.


Scott and Mary, his wife of 28 years, have two children.  Christopher will graduate this year from the University of Nevada, Reno in Civil Engineering.  Rachel is a junior at Carson High School.

Candidate for International Director

Larry Wymer, T.E., P.E. (FL), PTOE (M)Larry Wyner

Traffic Engineering Manager, Gene E. Thorne & Associates, Inc., Cameron Park, CA

Service to Community.

Advancement of the Transportation Engineering Profession.


These are what ITE mean to me.  All of us who serve in the profession of transportation engineering can take pride in our knowledge that we provide a valuable service to the community, and help advance the profession in our own way.  But it is through a spirit of friendship and professional camaraderie within ITE where we are able to join together to make even greater contributions to our communities and the profession.

I am deeply honored to have been selected as a candidate for International Director of District 6 because it provides yet another opportunity to continue serving my community and profession through ITE.  As one of your representatives to the International ITE Board of Direction, I would bring to the table not only my twenty years of professional experience, but also knowledge and experience obtained while serving within a dozen different elected or nominated positions within ITE’s Northern California Section and District 6. I will work with enthusiasm and dedication to represent the collective will of all of the District 6 members, and look forward to the opportunity to get to know you so that together we can continue to help District 6 lead the way.

Foremost among the goals I would continue to pursue would be the nurturing of incoming talent through the varied programs our District is developing including fully funding the Student Endowment Fund, supporting and expanding student chapters (and establishing effective professional liaisons for each), improving communication with student chapters (as well as students and younger members in general), and promoting our profession with young people.

ITE Experience

I joined ITE as a Student Member at the University of Texas at Arlington in 1988 while serving as ASCE Student Chapter President, and helped lay the groundwork for the founding of their ITE Student Chapter.

ITE Northern California Section

• Past President (2008-09)

• Administrator (2008-12)

• President (2007-08)

• Vice President (2006-07)

• Secretary (2005-06)

• Treasurer (2004-05)

• Membership Chair (2004-present)

• Archivist (2007-08)

• Technical Chair (1999-2000)

• Career/Student Guidance Chair (1997-2000)

ITE District 6

• Vice Chair for Student Initiatives (2008-present)

• Student Endowment Fund Grassroots Committee (2008-present)

• Candidate for Secretary-Treasurer (2008-09 term)

• Presidential Proclamation recipient (2008)

Candidate for International Director

Dalene J. Whitlock, P.E., PTOE, ITE (Fellow)Dalene Whitlock

Professional Qualifications

Principal, Whitlock & Weinberger Transportation (W-Trans)

Western District President (2006-2007)

San Francisco Bay Area Section President (2002-2003)

Registered Traffic and Civil Engineer, California

Professional Traffic Operations Engineer

BSCE, San Diego State University


I am honored to have been nominated to run for Western District International Director, and thank the committee members and Board for selecting me as a candidate.  When elected to serve as the District’s Secretary-Treasurer in 2004, I found that the position was very different from what I’d expected based on my experience as a Section officer.  My four years of service on the District’s Board gave me a chance to meet the leaders in each of our Sections and from other Districts and to gain familiarity with the District’s structure and policies.  It is this knowledge that makes me qualified to now serve as an International Director.

During my term on the District Board we focused on the need to increase the number of students entering the profession.  Toward this end we were able to reduce student dues and fees for meeting attendance, established the Student Endowment Fund to provide increased funding for student initiatives, and grew it to about $100,000.  We initiated e-registration for meetings and e-balloting for elections. Both of these changes reduced our reliance on paper and increased convenience for the membership.  None of these actions could have been achieved without the efforts of the many dedicated individuals with whom it was my pleasure to serve.

The challenges facing our profession today are quite different from those of five years ago due to our nation’s faltering economy.  We must look for ways to maintain the value of our organization and make participation more financially viable.  While the District has kept the cost of attending our annual meeting fairly low, the cost of attending an International Annual meeting has become prohibitive to some members.  As a member of the International Board I would do my best to try and bring meeting costs down so that more members can attend. If elected, I would like to hear from you about what the Institute can do to make your job easier and our profession better.  If you have ideas, questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact me at (707) 542-9500 or dwhitlock@w-trans.com.

More District 6 Election Information:

In accordance with Section 5.2 of the District 6 Bylaws, additional nominations may be made by petition signed by not less than five members. Each petition shall be accompanied by the written consent of the nominee to run for the office for which nominated, and must be received by the Secretary-Treasurer not later than 60 days prior to the election. No member shall be a candidate for more than one office.

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