Denver 2009: Western District Leadership Breakfast Recap

On Tuesday July 14 at the Denver Western District ITE Annual Meeting
Michael Sanderson facilitated a group session of section and chapter
leaders to discuss shared ideas in leadership.  The following summary
highlights several creative ideas and topics for leaders to consider in
the coming year.

1.Setting Topics/Speakers for Section and Chapter Meetings

* Non-Engineering Topics

o        Local Newspaper columnist on transportation/traffic issues

o        Local traffic reporters for TV/Radio – the helicopter person

o        Legislative Members – including city council, county board of supervisors and regional agency electeds

o        Attorneys involved in lawsuits related to transportation

o        Traffic court judge

o        Police, Fire Department and Emergency Response managers

o        Garbage company, USPO Mail delivery, School bus transportation manager

* Technical Topics

o        Hot projects ranging from bicycle, pedestrian, transit, roadway and other modes

o        RTP/STIP program managers and FUNDING topics

o        MUTCD/HSM/HCM upcoming new manuals in next 12 to 18 months

o        Land Use relationship to transportation

o        Energy/Environment/Economy topics

o        Green issues and Greenhouse gas topics

o        Private Access issues associated with MUTCD and 23 CFR 655.603

*  Students

o        Having an on campus event


o        Utilize for distant section members to access group – use university or state DOT video systems as meeting spot

o        Webinars with University’s host the site and charging professionals to attend (discounted) as a fund raiser

o        More streaming of meeting/technical content – partnering with universities

*Joint Meetings

o        WTS, et al

o        ASCE – International ITE is working on a memo of understanding right now

o        Multiple sections and/or chapters and/or student chapters

2. Reaching Out to New Leaders in the District

*       Mentoring young members from student chapter leaders to section/chapter leaders
*       Rotating leadership between private and public positions
*       Maintaining a positive outreach to potential members interested in leadership

3.Cost Effective Meeting Ideas to Attract Members

*        On-site meetings at DOTs with box lunches to reduce cost and provide video access to remote member sites

*        Public member discount concepts (lower cost lunches and coupons)

*        Having members sponsor pizza/food/drink for student chapter meetings

Student Chapter Forum Activity Ideas:

*        Field trips linked to section project presentations

*        Graduate students linked to undergraduate students

*        Using Professional Liaisons to help identify contacts for interesting field trips and data collection fund activities

*        Finding local university area retail sponsors for food for meetings – fast food, monster beverages – having firms buy meeting food

*        Fish Derby/Golf Tournament hosting – tag onto similar activity at a section level

*        Partnering with other student groups/organizations

*        Getting transportation speakers for freshman seminars in Civil Engineering

*        Volunteering for jobs with non-profits or agencies

*        Traffic Bowl promotion like concrete canoe

*        Class credits for attending professional society meetings

*        Competitions – sports, games, traffic bowl – building teamwork

*        Having professional review resumes – mock interview

*        Using capstone class projects that are transportation related for poster sessions or presentations at meetings

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