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  • Mobile phone applications help link citizens with their governments

    The following is a quote from an article posted by John D. Sutter on CNN.com “I see as the death of a passive relationship with government,” said Clay Johnson, director of Sunlight Labs, a group promoting Gov 2.0 apps. “Instead of people saying, ‘Well, it’s the government’s job to fix that’ … more >
  • MUTCD 2009 Edition now available

    Taken from FHWA.dot.gov: On December 16, 2009 a final rule adopting the 2009 Edition of the MUTCD was published in the Federal Register. States must adopt the 2009 National MUTCD as their legal State standard for traffic control devices within two years. The Federal Register notice, which provides detailed discussion of the FHWA’s decisions more >
  • Efficiency at the expense of safety? LED traffic lights

    The gains of saving energy in the field of transportation are obvious, but what do we lose by switching to more energy efficient options? In the case of traffic lights, switching to LED bulbs can eliminate a light’s ability to melt snow. This presents an immediate danger to drivers, and to the physical integrity more >
  • Expiration Date No Longer Needed on Calif. PE Stamps

    By Walter Okitsu, Western District Licensing & Certification Chair California law was changed regarding professional engineering (PE) stamps. On October 11, 2009 Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 645 (Niello) that eliminated the requirement to show expiration dates on PE stamps. The seal must continue to show name, number, and discipline, but the “Exp.” line in more >
  • Mississippi and Missouri to receive $9.4 Million for transportation improvements

    Taken from US DOT: U.S. Secretary of Transportation Awards $9.4 Million for Mississippi and Missouri Transportation Improvements WASHINGTON – Nine highway projects in Mississippi and Missouri will receive $9.4 million from the Federal Highway Administration’s Delta Region Transportation Development Program (DRTDP), U.S Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood announced today. “Investments like these will not more >
  • Transportation Communication Newsletter: A website to visit

    Below are a selection of news updates taken from the Transportation Communication Newsletter: (http://transport-communications.blogspot.com/) The transport communication newsletter is a frequently updated blog that hosts volumes of great transportation news. I have placed a permanent link to the website at the right hand side of the page in the section titled. “Transportation News Sites”. more >
  • Crash Tests Help Reduce Traffic Deaths

    NPR’s Brian Naylor recently published an article detailing exactly how the use of crash tests and the dummies involved help to reduce traffic deaths. The article also linked to a top safe vehicles list published by the Institute for Highway Safety that can be found by following the link within the article. The use more >
  • Changing Campus Culture: Making the Bus “Cool”

    Union and Classroom Express Route Charles W. Huffine, P.E., P.T.O.E., A.I.C.P., and Joanna Morsicato Abstract Most colleges and universities are trying to solve parking problems these days.  People want to park near their destinations.  Parking supplies never seem to be large enough, and providing more parking brings more cars into the high pedestrian environment.  more >
  • US Department of Transportation: Distracted Driving Summit Liveblogged

    Taken from tvworldwide.com, “U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced a September summit to address the dangers of text-messaging and other distractions behind the wheel. In late September, senior transportation officials, elected officials, safety advocates, law enforcement representatives and academics will convene in Washington, DC to discuss ideas about how to combat distracted driving” The more >
  • Bicycle and Motorcycle Detection and Timing

    Caltrans issued a Policy Directive on August 27, 2009 which becomes effective September 10, 2009.  The Policy Directive amends the California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.  The new Policy Directive Number 09-06 requires that limit-line detection be capable of sensing bicycles and motorcycles.  The revised detection is required for new installations, should be more >