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  • Technical Committee Update

    Written By: Amit Kothari, Technical Committee Chair The goal of the Technical Committee is to support and promote valuable technical activities related to the transportation profession within the Western District.  This is achieved through dissemination of information through the District website, newsletters and e-mails as well as numerous competitive technical programs managed by the more >
  • Volunteers Needed for Collaborative Parking Issues

    ITE’s Joint Task Force on Collaborative Parking Issues (JTFP) is looking for enthusiastic volunteers for four different projects. You can view the project summaries in PDF format by clicking on the links below.  The summaries describe what we anticipate the project to deliver and should give an estimate of work required from the volunteers. If you are interested in more >

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  • The NCUTCD, ITE and You

    Monica M. Suter, International Director representing our District, and an associated member of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD) announces the following: The NCUTCD recommends to Federal Highways various updates and changes to the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices). ITE is one of its 20 sponsoring organizations. ITE provides members more >
  • Bicycle Sharing in the U.S. State-of-the-Art

    By Robert Kahn, P.E., RK Engineering Group, Inc. In the fall of 2007, I visited Paris, France, where I was introduced to the Vélib’ Bicycle Sharing System. At that time, Vélib’ included approximately 10,000 bicycles with 750 docking stations, which has since expanded to include over 20,000 bicycles with 1,451 docking stations covering the more >
  • Our “Go-To” Profession on Health

    David M. Schwegel, PE, PTOE, ITE So Cal Walking within the Boise River Greenbelt reminded me of Past International President Steven Hoefner’s 2003 article “Transportation and Health” – two seemingly unrelated topics. Hoefner notes – ‘traffic engineers plan, design, and evaluate walk-able communities that encourage walking, fight obesity, and reduce cases of Type II more >
  • Long Beach Airport Modernization

    Paul Dessau, EIT, David M. Schwegel, PE, PTOE The “Green” Long Beach Airport Modernization boosts terminal square footage, improves parking capacity, and elevates the travel experience for the 3.0 million annual passengers that use the airport. Key elements of the modernization include the following projects: (1) Air Carrier Ramp (from asphalt to concrete) ($34 more >
  • Air Turbulence Generated by Traffic could be used for lighting

    This article’s source is the Greener Gadget’s competition website. All images and references are from the preceding link. As part of the Greener Gadgets competition taking place in New York this February, TAK studio USA has submitted a concept of street lights powered by the displaced air created by fast moving vehicles. Just as more >
  • Recovery Act Funds 10,000th Highway Project (USDOT Press release)

    Taken From: US DOT Office Of Public Affairs: Recovery Act Funds 10,000th Highway Project Tens of Thousands of Jobs Created, Critical Milestone Reached WASHINGTON – Reaching a major milestone in creating jobs and improving the nation’s infrastructure, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood announced that as of today, the Federal Highway Administration has approved 10,000 more >