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  • President’s Message: Getting on the Technology Bandwagon

    I can whistle, sing, and hum. And after attending the International ITE meeting in Boston, I can now “tweet.” I’m a “Gen-Xer,” the minority group between the generation who still handwrites letters and the generation who asks, “Do you have your phone?” when they want to know what time it is. I will admit more >
  • President’s Message: Restoring the Reputation of the Flashing Yellow Arrow

    Atlantic Cities issued an online article with the headline “Flashing Yellow Turn Signal: Good for Drivers, Bad for Pedestrians”. It cites a study by Oregon State/Portland State University researchers where test drivers in a simulator were found to concentrate so much on oncoming vehicles during a flashing yellow arrow display that many neglected to notice more >
  • President’s Message: Taking on Traffic Engineer Bashing

    Somehow, “traffic engineer” has become shorthand for a car-loving, lane-inserting opponent to all things walkable and livable. Among us ITE members who are traffic engineers, being viewed as the villain might be regarded as part of the job. Even though perhaps half the projects I work on nowadays involve converting lanes of traffic into something else, more >
  • President’s Message

    By Walter Okitsu, ITE Western District President WE NEED YOUR LATEST E-MAIL ADDRESS If this sentence is the first you’ve received from me since I was sworn-in as President last June, please update your profile on ITE Headquarters’ website at www.ite.org. I have already e-mailed two editions of E-News from ITE Western District to more >
  • President’s Message

    By Alyssa Reynolds, P.E., PTOE,   Western District President I recently listened to a presentation by a speaker, Rebecca Ryan. Ms. Ryan is an economist and founder of a consulting firm that helps clients attract and retain talent, particularly young professionals. Her presentation focused on how our country is currently experiencing “winter” in our more >
  • President’s Message: December 2011

    by Alyssa Reynolds, Western District President Reconnecting: Ten years ago I was newly employed in the Las Vegas Valley. I attended the local ITE chapter meetings, but as I considered my own fledgling ITE career it was difficult to imagine serving on the board anytime soon.  A few months later, I was invited to more >
  • President’s Message: May 2011

    Edgar Perez The Annual Meeting will be here before you know it!   This is a recap of past events, some announcements and reminders to keep you in the loop: Mid-year meeting. Western District Board members, Western District Committee Chairs, some Section Presidents and Guests attended the Mid-year’s meeting held in San Diego, California more >