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  • Win an iPad in silent auction

    Those of you attending the Annual Meeting in San Francisco will be happy to know that four Apple iPads will be auctioned off this week. Auction Details: $499 model wifi 16gb Bidders must fill out a form Any amount bidded over the cost of the iPads will go to student endowment Auctions is held more >
  • Who’s at the SF Annual Meeting?

    The attendance statistics presented at today’s board meeting are as follows: 310 Registered Professionals 135 Students (Wow!) 55 Exhibitors 17 Sponsors The obvious standout in these numbers is the 135 student attendees. This presents a wonderful opportunity to reach out to students as they make their way into the industry.
  • Annual Board Meeting 8:00-1:30pm Monday

    The Board met this morning at the Palace Hotel to discuss the progress of the year, and the future of ITE Western District- both immediate and long-term.
  • Over $14,000 donation to Student Endowment Fund

    A special announcement was made at today’s Board Meeting. Thanks to a generous donation from Western District member John Kerenyi, $14,633 has been added to the Student Endowment Fund, this will go a long way towards aiding our students. On behalf of the District and our student chapters, thank you John!
  • Welcome to San Francisco!

    Mark Spencer- general chair for the Local Arrangement Committee, greets those at and away from this year’s Annual Western District meeting in San Francisco.
  • ITE Western District 2010 Annual Meeting

    On behalf of the San Francisco Bay Area Section, your Western District leadership, and the San Francisco Palace Hotel, we invite you and your family to the Bay Area and hope that you, “Leave Your Heart and Find Solutions” at the historic Palace Hotel in San Francisco from June 27-30, 2010, at the ITE more >
  • 2009 Mid Year Board Meeting Highlights

    Alyssa Reynolds PE, Western District Secretary-Treasurer On February 5, 2010, Western District Board members, committee chairs, section leaders and honored guests met at the Tuscany Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2010 Western District Mid-Year meeting.  The normally sunny Las Vegas weather was overcast and unseasonably rainy, keeping the 27 attendees indoors and more >
  • International Director’s Report

    Dalene J. Whitlock, PE, PTOE Whitlock & Weinberger Transp, Inc. ITE’s International Board of Direction met in Savannah, Georgia on March 12 and 13 in advance of the Technical Conference.  The Western District was represented by Zaki Mustafa, Ken Ackeret and Dalene Whitlock.  Following are highlights of the topics covered during the two-day meeting. more >
  • Call for Abstracts [Update]

    As you may know, the 2010 Western District Annual Meeting will be held in San Francisco from June 27-30, 2010.  The deadline for submitting an abstract for the technical sessions is Monday, January 11, 2010. Please follow this link for additional information: http://www.westernite.org/annualmeetings/sanfran10/abstracts.htm We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!