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  • Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Sep/Oct

    As Engineers and Planners we are constantly working with formulas – some are pretty straight forward and others are more complicated.  District 6 has found a winning formula for attracting and engaging bright and energetic Engineering students into ITE and the profession.  That winning formula started with implementation of a very successful and unique Student Initiatives more >
  • Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Jul/Aug

    The July-Aug spotlight is written by Victor Ling, President of the Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) Student Chapter.  The CPP student chapter has made a concerted effort to attend District Annual Meetings where they have benefitted from some of the Student Initiatives for which the Endowment Fund was created to support.  Each year, the Chapter more >
  • Endowment Fund “EF” Spotlight

    The March-April Spotlight was written by the new officers of the student chapter at Arizona State University (ASU), recently re-launched with the help of the ITE Arizona Section.  The Endowment Fund was established to provide continuous, stable funding for the District’s student initiatives and will provide benefits for students such as these.  The following more >
  • Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: May/Jun

    The Northern California Section has been utilizing innovative fundraising methods over the last two years to generate excitement about the Student Endowment Fund in their section.  In 2008, they raised over $5000 for the Endowment Fund and received an award for the Highest Overall Contribution to the Student Endowment Fund at the Annual Meeting inAnaheim.  This more >
  • Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Mar/Apr

    The ITE student chapter at Arizona State University is currently preparing for its first full active semester since the early 1990’s. After several years of inactivity, the Arizona State University chapter was re-launched with help from the Arizona Section of ITE in October 2008. From left to right: Sarah Ellie Ziems (Treasurer), Sravani Vadlamani (Vice-President), Bhargava Kishore Sana (President), Karthik Konduri (Secretary) The more >
  • Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Jan/Feb

    When Cathy Leong asked me to write a short article on why Barbara and I made a donation to the Student Endowment Fund, it took a little thinking to figure out why.  I guess it is basic enough to say I probably would not have become a Traffic Engineer if it had not been more >
  • Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Dec

    The Riverside San Bernardino Section (RSBITE) has been a regular contributor to the Student Endowment Fund and consistently supported efforts in this regard.  All student members are encouraged to participate in monthly lunch sessions and their costs are waived for most lunch sessions. Additionally, once every year we combine our monthly meeting with ITE Southern more >
  • Student Endowment Fund Spotlight: Nov

    It is not often in life that actions you take today can truly affect the future for others. Attracting quality people to our profession is an area that assures the vitality and success of our industry now and for many years into the future. When we originally discussed the concepts of student initiatives they more >