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  • Election Nominees for 2011:

    District 6 Candidates for Office Candidate for President Edgar Perez Candidate for Vice President Alyssa Reynolds Candidates for Secretary-Treasurer Walter Okitsu Doug Smith Candidates for International Director Jennifer Rosales Nate Larson The Institute’s Nomination Committee has selected as their nominees to run for election to serve starting 2011: International President Robert C. Wunderlich, P.E., more >
  • District 6 Candidates for Office

    The following slate of candidates for District officers was approved at the mid-year Board meeting held on February 6, 2009: President: Michael Sanderson Vice President: Edgar Perez Secretary-Treasurer: Alyssa Reynolds,  Scott L. Thorson International Director: Larry Wymer,  Dalene J. Whitlock Statements for each of these individuals are presented in this issue.