Best Paper Award Finalists

Amit KothariThe District’s Annual Meeting Best Paper Award is one of the most prestigious that we present each year. The process begins with the Technical Committee of the meeting LAC, who must review dozens of papers that are submitted for presentation at the meeting. That group creates a shortlist of papers, and this list is given to the District’s Technical Committee Chair, Amit Kothari. Shortly before the annual meeting, Amit assembles a committee of four of five ITE members who will be attending the annual meeting. This group is provided with the shortlisted papers and attends each of these paper’s presentations. That group convenes after the last presentation, and selects a winner based on the ability to understand the author’s subject, the presence of innovative/unique/creative information, quality of the presentation, and ability to clearly communicate the information presented in paper. As we announced in last month’s e-news, Matt Weir and Jason Shykowski were co-authors of the award-winning paper this year. However, we had three close honorable mentions, and will spotlight them in this and the next two e-newsletters.

One of the three honorable mentions for best annual meeting paper this year went to Joshua Crain, Jim Peters, and Carl Olson for their paper “Automating Variable Speeds and Traveler Information with Real-Time Traffic and Weather.”  Read the paper here.