2015 Las Vegas Technical Compendium

The following are the papers submitted and presentations given at the 2015 Western District Annual meeting in Las Vegas Nevada. Please see the Technical Session Program for descriptions of the papers/presentations. If your paper or presentation is missing and you would like to have it posted here, or you would like other ITE members to contact you regarding your paper/presentation, please contact the Web Manager.

Session Presenter Title Paper Presentation
 2A Josh Mello Wine Barrels, Straw Wattles and Elbow Grease: Playing Around with Monterey Road PDF
Perry Gross Complete Streets in the West: Public Policy Implications PDF
Mike Janssen Downtown Las Vegas Complete Street Retrofit Program PDF
2B Grant Schultz/ Samuel Mineer Using the Carousel Method to Collect Average Vehicle Occupancy Data for Multi-Lane Freeways PDF PDF
Sittipan Sittikariya Vehicle Travel Time Collection Technology in Seattle PDF PDF
Mike Spack Top 10 Ways Video Data Collection is Improving My Engineering PDF PDF
2C Tim Curns Ada County Highway District’s Flashing Yellow Arrow Initiative PDF PDF
Jose Guedes Minimizing the impact of latest MUTCD on traffic signal operation PDF PDF
Eric Niemeyer Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) for Protected/Permissive Left Turns (PPLT) at Signalized Intersections PDF
3A Min Zhou Class IV Bike Lane (Cycle Track) – Changing the Level of Traffic Stress PDF
Mike Gill Bicycle Performance Metrics as Part of Signal Retiming PDF
Dongho Chang Seattle’s Second Avenue Protected Bike Lane PDF
3B Randy McCourt Advanced Traffic Management Systems – Getting the Most out of Congested Freeway Corridors PDF
Jim Damkowitch Application of Caltrans Smart Mobility Framework for the US101 Corridor Mobility Master Plan in San Luis Obispo County PDF PDF
Jin Wang Integrated Corridor System Management: A Case Study Of State Route 4 (Sr 4) In California PDF
3C Scott Thomas ATM in Colorado: three unique projects, one common goal PDF
Ali Gholami Estimating Intersection Turning Volumes from Actuated Non-Coordinated Traffic Signals PDF
Gary Hansen Maintaining Traffic during the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project-Port of Long Beach, CA PDF
4A Grand Schultz/ Jacob Farnsworth Safety Hot Spot Analysis Methodology in Utah PDF PDF
Matt Braughton Identifying and Prioritizing Pedestrian and Bicycle Priority Safety Corridors for the State of Oregon PDF
Jimmy Woo Advantage and Disadvantage of a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) PDF
4B Tim Erney Review of VMT Estimating Tools in Advance of SB743 Implementation PDF
Vasin Kiattikomol Travel Time Reliability Application for Planning-Level Transportation Project Evaluation PDF
Abhro Mitra Appraising Project Risks in Non-Traditional Delivery of Large Scale Infrastructure Assets
4C Jerry Hall Lessons Learned from 45+ Years of Traffic Engineering Research PDF PDF
Leo Lee Lessons learned from 3 Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization Programs, San Bernardino County, Orange County, and Bay Area in California PDF
Erin Ehlinger The Seattle Department of Transportation’s ITS Program Lessons Learned from a Leading Edge Urban ITS PDF PDF
5A Crystal Killian In-Road Warning Lights: Revisiting Pedestrian Crosswalk Application PDF PDF
Dan Andersen Collaborative Regional Planning for Safe and Efficient Multimodal Access to Schools PDF PDF
Nick Ferenchak Spontaneous Order Of Pedestrian And Vehicle Interactions In Shared Spaces PDF
5B Matt Zinn Bike detection using inductive Loop technology PDF PDF
Roger Koehler Differential Bike Detection: One Tool for Meeting USDOT Secretary’s Mayor’s Challenge PDF
Lisa Okimoto Blue Light Special: Improving Bicycle Infrastructure with Active Feedback Devices PDF PDF
5C Joe Mineiro Synchro Green and Non-Standard Applications of Adaptive Signal Control PDF
Larry Haas 5.9 million Annual Reduction in Stops Along Corridor Leads to Dramatic Decrease in Rear-end Crashes PDF
Jim Hanson Prioritization of Corridors for Adaptive Signal Control Technology PDF
6A Ben Waldman Blending a Roundabout into the 40 West Art District and Improving Safety and Bike/Ped Connectivity PDF PDF
Kevin Carstens Toward Measuring Pavement Conditions to Optimize Roadway Treatments PDF PDF
Victoria Edington Combining Signal Timing, Detection Technology, and Alternative Intersection Design to Improve Traffic Operations and Safety on a Popular Mountain Highway in Colorado PDF
6B David Stanek Simulation Analysis of Intersection Treatments for Cycle Tracks PDF PDF
Ian Barnes Evaluation of Microsimulation Software Analysis Packages for Intersections near Railroad Grade Crossings PDF
SM Alam Micro-simulation of a Metered Roundabout at Freeway Ramp Termini, Los Angeles, California PDF PDF
6C Ron Keith An Overview of the Orange County Transportation Authority’s Regional Traffic Signal Synchronization Program PDF
Scott Shea Operational Performance Assessment of innovative High Speed Urban Arterial Intersections – A Case Study in Salt Lake City, UT PDF PDF
Jim Hanson Evaluating driver experience through effective use of performance measures PDF
7A Alice Chen Caltrans Smart Mobility Framework: An Approach for Performance-based Multi-modal Planning PDF PDF
Alejandro Henao Comparing and evaluating the impacts of evolving urban transportation modes including carsharing, on-demand ridesourcing, and intermodality PDF
Nick Ferenchak Commute Mode and Mental Health in Major Metropolitan Areas PDF
7B Jaime Rodriguez Internet of Things (IoT) Supporting Transportation PDF
Dan Spoelstra Efficiency Compounded: How Portland used a simple GIS app to coordinate a multi-million dollar, citywide LED conversion PDF PDF
Alexander Paz Business Intelligence for Transportation and Infrastructure Systems in Nevada PDF PDF
7C Vijay Arvind Reversible Lane: Exploring Lane Management Alternatives PDF PDF
Lisa Burgess I-15 Dynamic Mobility Project PDF
Melinda Parentela A Case Study on Potential Benefits of V2V Technology on Freeway Safety PDF PDF
8A Bobby Sidhu Exploring Data Driven Models of Transit Trave Time & Delay PDF
Kiavash Shahandashti Exploring Data Driven Models of Transit Trave Time & Delay PDF PDF
Paul Brown Why Did the Eagle Cross the Road? PDF
8B Allen Nie An Integrated Light Rail Modeling Approach – The Calgary Solution PDF
Freddy He Using Micro-simulation models to develop innovative train and traffic control solutions for the I-225 Light Rail Line PDF
Randy Johnson Multi-Resolution Modeling to Support Transit Design PDF
8C Bill Baranowski Traffic Calming Examples in Sugarhouse, Daybreak and West Jordan City PDF
Jim Bloodgood Oso Landslide Remembrance Day PDF PDF
Erik Ruehr Major Update of the 2010 Highway Capacity Manual PDF
9A Alfredo Cabrera Designing a California Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility (CVEF) for the 21st Century PDF
Kevin Chang Transportation Security: An Assessment from the Practitioner Community PDF
Britton Hammit Connected Vehicle Road Weather Condition System PDF
9B Matt Goyne Overcoming Barriers to Mixed-Use Infill Development: Let’s Get Trip Generation Right PDF PDF
Nate Larson The How and Why of Analyzing Station Access in Suburban TOD Assessment PDF PDF
Devin Moore Estimating Public Charter School Pick-Up/Drop-Off Queuing PDF
9C Alex Chambers Toward Improving the Understanding of Traffic Network Effects of Commercial Airports PDF PDF
Jason Miller Cost Effectiveness of Park and Ride (P&R) Lots PDF PDF
Boniphace Kutela Feasibility Study of Passenger Rail Service along the West Route between Las Vegas and Los Angeles PDF PDF