2013 Arizona Technical Compendium

The following are the papers submitted and presentations given at the 2013 Western District Annual meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. Please see the Technical Session Program for descriptions of the papers/presentations. If your paper or presentation is missing and you would like to have it posted here, or you would like other ITE members to contact you regarding your paper/presentation, please contact the Web Manager.

Session Presenter Title Paper Presentation
2A Rudy Kolaja ITS Applications in Transit Operations and Planning PDF
Andy Kosinski Modeling Transit Engineering Infrastructure: SYNCHRO Can Do That? PDF PDF
Michael Meyer  Metro Orange Line Extension; Four Years Early and $61 Million Under Budget PDF PDF
2B Adam Moore Analyzing the Impacts of Traffic Levels and Adaptive Traffic Control on Intersection and Mid-block Air Quality PDF
Joshua Crain Automating Variable Speed Limits and Traveler Information with Real-Time Traffic and Weather PDF PDF
Alan Clelland Towards Self-Sustaining 511 Traveler Information Systems Speaker PDF
Jordan Lamoreaux Maricopa County’s Traffic Management Center Upgrade PDF
2C Paul Basha McDowell Sonoran Preserve Parking Study for City of Scottsdale PDF
Matt Ricks Analyzing the Redevelopment of Underutilized On-Street Parking for HCT in Seattle PDF PDF
Gary Hamrick Relationship between Parking and Transit Oriented Districts in Los Angeles: Eight TOD Case Studies Speaker
2D Brian Ray Creating a Transportation Safety Culture: Clackamas County Transportation Safety Action Plan PDF
Kohinoor Kar A Holistic Approach to Mitigate Rural Roadway Departure Crashes PDF
Kiran Guntupalli Establishing an Urban Road Safety Assessment Program
3A Andrew Cibor Countywide Roundabout Preservation Plan PDF
Viggen Davidian Can We Help You Spend $906 Million to Improve Your Highways? The South Bay Cities Subregion Measure R Highway Program
David Riley Arizona Department of Transportation System-Wide Ramp Metering Evaluation PDF PDF
Perry Gross I-80 Corridor System Master Planning: Generating a Common Vision of the Future
3B Ken Wissel TIMP Helps Express Lanes Meet Expectations PDF PDF
Barbara Hauser REACT – The Importance of Arterial Incident Management PDF PDF
Wang Zhang HOV and Vehicle Occupancy Rates in Phoenix Metropolitan Area Freeway System PDF
3C Erik Ruehr Analysis of Level of Service F in the 2010 HCM and Beyond PDF PDF
Gary Hamrick Gateway Cities SR-91 / I-605 / I-405 Congestion Hot Spot Feasibility Study PDF
3D Jacob Farnsworth Modeling Safety in Utah PDF PDF
Casey Bergh Applying HSM Crash Prediction to Manage Transportation Networks PDF
Kohinoor Kar HSM Predictive Method and IHSDM in Design Decision- Making – An Application in Arizona PDF
4A Michael Cynecki Celebrating Bike-to-School 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona PDF PDF
Brian Fellows Can A Street Make a Kid Fat? PDF PDF
Ben Waldman Educating School Children Near Light Rail At-Grade Crossings PDF PDF
Rock Miller ITE Netherlands Bicycle Scanning Tour PDF
4B Patrick Marnell Driver Reactions to the Flashing Yellow Arrow in the Presence of Pedestrians PDF
Wei Feng Analyzing the Impacts of Traffic Levels, Adaptive Traffic Signal System, Transit Signal Priority and Bus Stop Location on Multimodal Performance at the Intersection Level: A Case Study on Powell Boulevard, Portland, OR PDF
Sirashi Kothuri Development of Pedestrian Responsive Signal Timing Strategies: Results from a Pilot Study in Portland, Oregon PDF
Yue Zhao A Multi-Criteria-Based Guideline for Marked and Unmarked Pedestrian Crosswalks at Unsignalized Intersections PDF
4C Katherine Bell A New Methodology to Utilize Smart Phone Weight-Mile Truck Data to Estimate Freight Emissions PDF
Wang Zhang Understanding Travel Time and Origin-Destination Characteristics at Airports Using Bluetooth Technology PDF PDF 
Rob Hranac Incorporating Bluetooth Data into a Transportation Performance Measurement System PDF
Andrew Kwasniak Pedestrian Data Collection Issues & Techniques
4D Sahana Promothes Using Empirical Bayes Method to Identify Crash Hot Spots After Implementing VSL System on a Rural Interstate Corridor PDF
Sahana Alam Assessment of Hit-and-Run         Crashes in Southern California PDF
5A Perry Gross How are We Doing: Practical Livability Self-Assessment for Planning PDF
Gerrit Slatter Lake Avenue Revitalization: An Update on the Livable Street Implementation PDF
Perry Gross Planning Through Time and Space: Strategies for Generating Virtual Collaborative Planning Communities Speaker PDF
5B Michael Trueblood Time and Monetary Benefits of Central Signal Systems PDF
Todd Taylor Flashing Yellow Arrows – City of Scottsdale’s Experience PDF
Jason Shykowski Sometimes “Really Good” Time of Day Coordination Does Outperform Adaptive Control PDF PDF
Kurtis McBride How Technology Mega-Trends are Changing Traffic Control as We Know It PDF
5C Diahn Swartz Adapting the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (HAWK) for Bicycle Use PDF
Felipe Ladron de Guevara Starr Pass Boulevard and Mission Road Intersection Improvement PDF
Joseph Couples Dynamic Message Sign in an Urban Environment
5D Michael Plotnik Roundabout as an Intersection Control PDF PDF
Yanfei Sui Analysis of Speed Compliance in Rural Variable Speed Limit System PDF PDF
Randy Kinney Crash Reduction Factors Resulting From Installation of Active Advance Warning Flashers (AAWF) PDF
Paul Basha Light Rail Collision Investigation for City of Phoenix PDF PDF
6A Mike Mauch Developing Dwelling Unit Equivalence (DUE) Rates Using an Activity Based Travel Demand Model PDF PDF
Leo Luo Introducing the All new MAG 24-hr Regional DynusT DTA Model PDF
Jeff Jenq Data Matter – A Tool for Diagnosing Freeway Vehicle Detector Accuracy PDF
6B Mike Gill Light Rail is Great! But How Do I Get to the Train? PDF
Nate Larson Are Diamonds LRT’s Best Friend? At-Grade LRT Crossing at a Diamond Interchange PDF PDF
Wulf Grote METRO Light Rail System PDF
6C Dr. James Witkoski Concept Development, Analysis, and Design of a New Parkway At-Grade Interchange (PAGI) PDF PDF
Jason Pagnard Using MUD to Clean-up Traffic Congestion and Improve Safety PDF
Walter Okitsu Sight Distance to Prevent Right Hook Collisions on Separated Bike Lanes PDF
Azadeh Azad Effects of Left Turn Treatments on Intersection Safety PDF PDF
7A Min Zhou Broadway and Third Street Protected Bikeway (aka Cycle Track) “Before” and 12-Month “After” Study in Long Beach, CA
Kirk Paulsen A Comparison of Bicyclists’ Performance at Urban Suburban, and Dedicated Path Intersection in Oregon Speaker PDF
S.R. Thompson A Study of Bicycle Signal Compliance Employing Video Footage PDF
Pamela Johnson The Effects of Weather on Cycling Demand and Its Implications for Data Collection Efforts PDF
7B Jihong Cao Software-In-The-Loop (SIL) Simulation for Central Mesa Light Rail Transit PDF PDF
Shaumik Pal Simulating Street-Running LRT Terminus Station Options in Dense Urban Environments PDF PDF
Mark Yand Benefits of Transit Signal Priority Corridor Maintenance PDF PDF
Joseph Couples Rainier Avenue Transit Priority Corridor PDF PDF
7C Scott Ritchie Mini Roundabouts – FHWA Study PDF
Jim Bloodgood The Mini Roundabout: An Innovative Solution to a Complex Situation PDF
Scott Ritchie Latest Roundabout Planning & Design Challenges PDF
Frank Broen Learning the Art of Roundabouts PDF
8A Jim Schumann Echo Canyon Recreation Area Trailhead Improvements – Case Study PDF
Jim Barrera Bernalillo County’s Automated Trail Use Data Program PDF PDF
Dr. Jonathan Upchurch Zion National Park: Enhancing Visitor Experience Through Improved Transportation PDF PDF
8B Jerry Hall Is the Current MUTCD Really Better than the 1961 Edition? PDF
Rudy Kolaja Traffic Engineering Functions in the State Government PDF
Edward Smaglik Static and Dynamic Sign Sheeting Testing Using In- Vehicle Observers PDF PDF
8C Lisa Truong Can Park-n-Rides Reduce Green House Gas Emissions? PDF PDF
Brett Wood From Evolution to Revolution – An Overview of the Parking Industry PDF
Eric Lewis LED Versus HPS Lighting: A Shoot-Out on the Nason Street Corral PDF PDF
9A Devin Moore Pedestrian Level of Service on the Strip in Las Vegas PDF
Albert Letzkus Rethinking Pedestrian Safety PDF
Matt Weir Folsom, California Pedestrian LRT Safety Improvements PDF PDF
Todd Taylor HAWKs, RRFBs, and Other Pedestrian Crossings PDF
9B Ratna Korpella Real Time bus Tracking – Valley Metro LINK Bus PDF
Alex Bigazzi Portland Ace: A Low-Cost Mobile Device for Assessing Bicyclists’ Exposure to Air Pollution PDF
Nitin Deshpande York Street Corridor Traffic Signal Retiming Project PDF PDF
9C Eric Maceyko Traffic and Circulation Analysis for Cubs Spring Training Facility PDF
Sadegh Safaripoor Searching for Parking on a Network: A Stochastic Shortest Path Approach
Erin Ferguson Intercounty Connector Posted Speed Evaluation PDF