2012 Santa Barbara Technical Compendium

The following are the papers submitted and presentations given at the 2012 Western District Annual meeting in Santa Barbara, California. Please see the Technical Session Program for descriptions of the papers/presentations. If your paper or presentation is missing and you would like to have it posted here, or you would like other ITE members to contact you regarding your paper/presentation, please contact the Web Manager.

Session Presenter Title Paper Presentation
Keynote Roy Kienitz PPT
2A Jonathan Upchurch Build It and They Will Come: Implementing Parking Improvements At Grand Canyon National Park PDF PPT
Anne Sylvester Applying Context Sensitive Solutions to Develop a Transportation Plan for Longview and Kelso, Washington PPT
Steve Fitzsimons Traffic Signal Maintenance -­ Best Practices PPT
Kristen Carnarius Commercial Double-­‐Parking on a Congested Street: Implications for Transit Operations in San Francisco PPT
2B Lynn McAllister A Case Study on Metro Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit System PDF
Eric Albright Leveraging AVL/APC Bus Data to Determine Factors Influencing Transit Signal Priority Effectiveness
Owen Mo Mapping Potential Metro Rail Ridership in Los Angeles County
Allen Nie The Crenshaw LRT Corridor Multi-­‐modal Traffic Study
2C Xin Yu Analysis of Downstream Queues on Upstream Capacity Expansion of Urban Signalized Intersections PDF PPT
Noel Casil/Neelam Sharma San Bernardino County Population Growth Monitoring and Emergency Road Capacity
Erik Ruehr The Riverside County Congestion Management Program: Using Technology to Efficiently Monitor Traffic Congestion PDF
Jannet Loera Gutierrez Performance Evaluation of Two Types of Interchange Design through Simulation PPT
3A Ryan O’Connell How Do Traffic Control Measures Affect Vehicle Gas Emissions
Michael Weber A Selective Survey of Typical and Upcoming Transportation Data Priorities for Project-­‐Level Noise and Air Quality Analyses
Alexander Bigazzi Do Congestion-Based Roadway Performance Measures Reflect Emissions Trends? PPT
Ivy Attah An Evaluation of The Effectiveness Of U.S Highway 93 Wildlife Overpass For Mule Deer And Other Wildlife In Nevada PPT
3B Nitin Deshpande Trip Generation Characteristics of a Suburban Transit Oriented Development
Courtney Slavin The Impact of Traffic, Bus Fleet Characteristics, and Atmospheric Conditions on Particulate Matter Exposure: a Case Study in Portland, Oregon
Jeanne Bowie Feasibility Study for Intermodal Facility in Anchorage, Alaska PDF
Cary Stewart Railroad Crossings and Traffic Signal Coordination
3C Jerome Hall Highway Fatality Rate Reductions in ITE Western District States PDF
Wen Cheng Incorporating Temporal Effect into Crash Safety Performance Functions PPT
Giovanni Bryden Causal Exploration of Bicycle-related Accidents in San Francisco PDF
4A Terry Klim I-215 Corridor System Management Plan
Eric Shimizu Advanced Traffic Management System When Widening Stops and Technology Begins PPT
Mazedur Rahman An Integrated Web-­Based Transportation System Management PPT
Jim Damkowitch Analysis of Multi-­Modal Strategies on Interregional Traffic in the I­‐580 Corridor PPT
4B Mauro Arteaga Assessment on 511 Travel Time Service
Christopher Muhs Handheld Tablet Technology in an Establishment-­Intercept Survey
Tiffany Barkley Linking Automated Performance Measurement and Traffic Signal Control
Brian Davis Evaluating the Cost and Environmental Implications of Commercial Electric Vehicles in the LTL Delivery Industry PDF
4C Smith Siromaskul SDDIs: How a Complete Misunderstanding Splintered a Diamond
John Bosket 217 Interchange Management Study: A la carte Planning for an Unpredictable Fiscal Future PDF PPT
Wei (Freddy) He Designing Roundabouts That Keep Vehicles Rolling In A Safer and Less Stressful Manner PPT
Quang Le Performance Evolution of Crossover Spacing of Diverge Diamond Interchange (DDI) PPT
4D Donald Shoup
Michael Kodama
Tom Mericle
Jeremy Nelson
Panel Discussion on parking management to help reduce Traffic congestion, improve parking utilization, and increase sustainability of the transportation system. PDF
5A Robert Schulte A Data-Driven Method for Prioritizing Projects in Central Idaho PPT
Randy McCourt Value of Time – Tools to Help Validate Local Assessments PDF PPT
Jim Hanson Developing Agency Traffic Engineering Guidelines -­ Lessons Learned Developing Traffic Engineering Guidelines for the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia PDF PPT
David Reinke Development of the New California Motor Vehicle Stock, Travel, and Fuel Forecast (MVSTAFF) Model
5B Katherine Bell A Smart Phone Truck Data Application to Develop Freight Performance Measures and Support Transportation Planning PDF PPT
Edward Offei Intelligent Transportation Systems PPT
Xinkai Wu The Impact and future of High-Resolution Event Data PPT
Courtney Slavin Air Quality and Multimodal Evaluation of an Adaptive Traffic Signal System: a case study on Powell Boulevard (Portland, Oregon) PPT
5C Ron Keith Utilizing Innovative Technology for Lowering the Cost of Traffic Signal Synchronization Projects – A Case Study of Beach Boulevard (State Route 39) PPT
Rasool Andalibian Signal Timing and Coordination Strategies under Varying Traffic Demands PPT
Saeedeh Farivar Developing a Guideline for Choosing Cycle Length Lead to Maximum Two-Way Progression in Respect to Intersection Spacing for Downtown Arterials PPT
Erik Ruehr Roundabout Level of Service and Delay and Comparisons to Other Intersection Types PPT
6A Xiaoyue (Cathy) Liu An Analytical Framework for Managed Lane Facility Performance Evaluation PDF PPT
S.M.M. Alam I-710 Freeway Simulation, Los Angeles, California PPT
Ruth Smith A Move Toward Standardizing Tsunami Warning Signs PPT
Randy McCourt Sites Open to Public Travel – New Chapter of the Traffic Control Devices Handbook PDF PPT
6B Samuel Ahiamadi Roundabout Experience in Nevada after 20 Years PDF PPT
Aaron Elias Complete Street Analysis of a Road Diet: Orange Grove Boulevard PDF PPT
Allen Nie Traffic Study of Highway 46 Corridor Improvement with Roundabout Integration PPT
Jim Damkowitch Visual Simulation of Neighborhood Cut-Through Traffic in the City of Goleta PPT
6C Lisa Martellaro Palmer New Audible Signal Criteria PPT
Zong Tian Signal Timing without Traffic Counts PPT
Judy Wong Accessible Pedestrian Signal PPT
Yue Zhao Guidelines for Marked and Unmarked Pedestrian Crosswalks at Unsignalized Intersections PDF PPT
7A Xin Ye A Synthetic Environment to Evaluate Alternative Trip Distribution Models PPT
Jim Schoen/Khang Nguyen Applying DYNUST to I-10 Corrdior Study, Tucson, AZ PPT
Adam Moore Student Travel Mode Choice and Air Pollution Exposure: A Case Study at an Urban High School in Portland PPT
Wei (Freddy) He Alternative Transportation Feasibility Study – Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument
7B Divya Nagananda An Evaluation of Bike Lanes DOC PPT
Sirisha Kothuri Automated Bicycle Data Collection: A Case Study from Portland, Oregon PPT
Mike Hendrix How Did The Bicyclist Cross The Road? A Case Study of Two Traffic Signals in Seattle PDF PPT
Seth Torma/Min Zhou Planning and design of bikeway system for the City of Long Beach
7C Jill Liu Traffic Simulation for Fire Evacuation Analysis for Mission Canyon Community Plan in Santa Barbara County
Yue Zhao Exploration of Pedestrian Gap Acceptance at Two-Way Stop-Controlled Intersections using Simulation PDF PPT
John Kerenyi The TRANSIMS Model: Combining Travel Demand and Microsimulation Modeling Paradigms PDF PPT
7D Nazir Lalani
Matt Benjamin
Swati Pande
David Cohen
Eduardo Serafin
Panel presentation and discussion on beneGits and lessons learned from the California OTS/FHWA free Traffic safety technical assistance safety programs.  Serafin Lalani
8A Donald Samdahl New Transportation Planning Paradigm: Constraints-Based Planning in the Era of Limited Transportation Funds PDF PPT
Tim Erney Localized Programming Models for Small Cities: A Case Study of Tehachapi PPT
Chris Maciejewski Moving Goods, Creating Jobs: Planning Portland Region Corridors for Economic Growth PPT
Ruben Hovanesian Advocacy Groups: What Makes Them Successful & Powerful and How to Develop an Effective & Healthy Relationship Between Them and Public Officials, a Case Study in Glendale PPT
8B Chun Wong ITS Automation to Streamline Development Review
Leo Lee Innovative System Communication Design and Traffic Signal Synchronization Solutions for San Bernardino County, CA PPT
Mitsuru Saito Effectiveness of a Dynamic Variable Advisory Speed System on Queue Mitigation in Work Zone PPT
Wei Feng Developing a bus service reliability evaluation framework using archived AVL/APC Data PDF PPT
8C Sam Morrissey Enhanced Pedestrian Crossing Treatments in Santa Monica PDF PPT
Jenny Grote 27 Days of Walk to School Day Events S The Phoenix Experience PPT
Javaneh Noorparvar Evaluation of the Effects of Rubbernecking in Adjacent Travel Lanes to An Incident PPT
9A Ruben Hovanesian Road Safety Assessments: Who, What, How, When, Where, and Why PPT
Jung-Han Wang “Two-Way” Relationships between Speed Limit and Road Safety PPT
Trisha Munoz Do Alcohol and Other Drugs Significantly Affect Traffic Accident Types PPT
Grant Schultz Taking a Proactive Approach to Safety in Utah PDF PPT
Grant Schultz Calibration of the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) Safety Performance Functions (SPFs) and Development of Independent Models PDF
9B Wintana Miller Signal Patterns for Improving Light Rail Operation PDF PPT
Carter Danne Assessment of Point DeGiance Bypass for HighS Speed Intercity Passenger Rail
Zhili Liu Access Line Operation Mode Analysis and Empirical Study in Urban Metro Transit of Beijing
Paul Brown Pedestrians: The Next At-Grade Rail Crossing Frontier
9C Kali Fogel Integration of CTNET to RIITS Network PPT
John Kerenyi Bicycle Detection Using Caltrans Type D Loops: More Options for Practitioners PDF PPT
Samuel Ahiamadi Determination of Intersection Control Type Using the HCM PDF PPT
Kristoffer Mendoza Safety Perspective on Signal Coordination Warrant PDF