Transportation Achievement Award

The Transportation Achievement Awards are awarded annually by ITE International for excellence in the advancement of transportation to meet human needs, by entities concerned with transportation such as governmental agencies, legislative bodies, consulting firms, industry, and other organizations. Awards will be presented in the categories of Complete Streets, Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO), Safety, Planning, and Traffic Engineering. This award recognizes an organization for one or more of the following:

  1. Development of an innovative concept in Complete Streets, TSMO, Safety, Planning, and Traffic Engineering.
  2. Implementation of a challenging transportation program through perseverance in its development and promotion.
  3. Program or project having a significant effect on transportation.
  4. Multi-faceted transportation program or project, combining many innovative and/or well-applied concepts.
  5. Program or project promoting a major advance in the efficiency and/or economy of transportation.

To be an eligible recipient for the proposed awards, the award candidate could be:

  1. Governmental agency or entity
  2. Transportation consulting firm
  3. Private business or corporation
  4. Combined public/private institution
  5. Academic institution

Submission/Selection Process
Nominations and/or applications may be made by both members and nonmembers. The nomination submission should include pertinent information and, if applicable, photographs. The submittal should be in PDF format and limited to five (5) pages that describe the project with graphics included and indicate how the project meets the criteria for the award. Multiple categories may be selected when entering a submission.

Submissions should be made to the District who will select a nominee to be sent to ITE International.  There should be one submission per District per category.  Nominations are due to ITE International by April 1. A decision will be made by a committee of ITE Board members—the Transportation Achievement Awards Committee and Council chairs.

Judging Criteria

  • 30 points Application of innovative ideas
  • 30 points Exhibits a commitment to the advancement of the profession
  • 30 points Strong applicability to the industry
  • 10 points Well-balanced scope and format

Nominations for the Transportation Achievement Award should be submitted to the Western District Past President via email by March 1.