2019 Western District Elections and Candidates

Western District Elections

The Western District One ITE Task Force (WD Task Force) has been working over the past few months to address transition issues for the remaining Western District as we prepare for the establishment of the Rocky Mountain District.  One of the most immediate issues that has arisen over the past few months has been the upcoming 2019 District elections.  To address this issues, the District Board sent out an open call for nominations for Secretary-Treasurer and International Director.  We accepted nominations for both positions regardless of where the candidates resided.  The International Board provided direction to the Western District in May in anticipation of the creation of a new Rocky Mountain District. In response to this, the Western District Board chose at our Mid-Year Meeting to only select candidates for Secretary-Treasurer from Sections that are anticipated to remain within the Western District to facilitate the transition of officers between the Western and Rocky Mountain Districts. No election for a Western District International Director will occur to preserve a slot for a new Rocky Mountain District International Director as two of the current standing International Directors are from states that would remain within the Western District (Carlos Ortiz and Cathy Leong).

Another consequence of the anticipated redistricting is that the current Vice President (Paul Barricklow) is anticipated to be one of the officers that will be transitioning to the new District based on his state of residency.  As such, considering the necessary experience and District knowledge that a Presidential candidate should have, the Board has asked Neelam Dorman to run for a second presidential term. Mark Spencer will remain as Past President, and Giancarlo Ganddini will be the candidate for Vice President.

In addition, the District Board elected to put forth only one candidate for Secretary-Treasurer for the 2019 elections. The Board is acutely aware of the challenges associated with the upcoming transition year and sought out candidates with recent leadership experience on the District level.  The candidate that the Western District Board has selected for this year’s election has been a Section Leader, LAC Chair, and a District Committee Chair for several terms.  His attendance at District Board Meetings over the years has given him a good foundation in District policies and procedures, and a keen understanding of the One ITE initiative and the District’s transition issues.  Information regarding the Rocky Mountain elections will be shared with affected members at a later date.

Candidates for Office

The following are the 2019 Western District candidates for office for your consideration. All members are encouraged to vote. Regardless of how you vote, please vote and make your voice be heard. Thanks for helping the Western District serve its members efficiently and effectively!

Candidate for President

Neelam Dorman, TE

It has been a privlidge to serve on the Western District the past three years. It has been an eventful year for our District and I am thankful for the trust put in me by the leadership to give me another opportunity to serve the District as President. I ask for your trust and support again as we continue to work through the transition process. In serving as a District officer, I’ve learned a lot about how our District and about our dedicated members. This past year as President has also taught me how much we all value this organization and how hard we are all willing to work for its success.

My goals for this year focused on improved communication which I am happy to say we have made progress with having met with every Section and Chapter and are currently working with a social media consultant to improve our communication through our social media platforms.  We have begun work on the changes needed to our operations to ensure financial viability and this will be a focus for me in the coming year. We will be busy this coming year with the transition process, but I do still hope to foster more programs targeted to our younger professionals. It is not an effort I have been able to devote time to this year and hope that having a second term as President will allow me the ability to focus on this goal.

I am a Senior Engineer with Kittelson & Associates in Orange County, California. I am grateful to have the full support of a firm that understands my commitment to ITE and our members. I have been honored to serve ITE in many other roles including as UC Irvine Student Chapter President, Southern California Section President, and District Career Guidance Chair.

I hope to have your continued support and the opportunity to serve the Western District as President for the 2019-2020 year.

Candidate for Vice-President

Giancarlo Ganddini, TE, PTP

It has been a privilege to serve the Western District as Secretary/Treasurer this past year and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue serving as Vice President. The coming year presents the District with new challenges and I ask for your support in continuing to serve alongside an incredible team of leaders, so that I may contribute my part in steering the Western District towards a future of continued success.

My goal as Vice President is to serve dutifully by committing myself as necessary to addressing the needs of the Western District, especially in relation to OneITE. I believe implementation of OneITE presents an opportunity to increase member experience, value and satisfaction, so long as we maintain focus on the District’s Strategic Goals of supporting Student Initiatives, Career Development, Technical Excellence, Social/Networking, and Promoting the Profession.

I am the Principal/Owner of Ganddini Group, Inc., a transportation and environmental planning firm with its headquarters in Santa Ana, California. My professional experience as a small business owner complements my volunteer leadership experience with ITE. My ITE experience began as a team member on the UC Irvine Student Chapter Annual Project. I have since served as Student Chapter Liaison, Secretary/Treasurer, Vice President, President, and Past President for the Southern California Section. I am a representative for ITE SoCal on the California SB 743 Task Force and Technical Program co-Chair for the 2020 Western District Annual Meeting.

As a Section Board member, I initiated a mini-job fair in conjunction with our Student Presentation Night to maintain scholarship funding. Other accomplishments include development of step-by-step documentation for an online event registration platform to aid in the officer transition process. I have been a guest speaker at student chapter meetings, served on the judges panel for the Section Student Traffic Bowl, and have volunteered for resume/interview workshops at the Student Leadership Summit and District Annual Meeting. In 2012, I was honored with the Section’s Young Transportation Engineer of the Year award.

It’s important that our District leadership reflect the choices of its members, so please vote. I sincerely appreciate your support and hope to see you at the District Annual Meeting in Monterey. Thank you!

Candidate for Secretary-Treasurer

Joe De La Garza, PE

When I was studying civil engineering as an undergraduate, I thought that traffic engineering was pretty interesting. I was drawn to the concepts and ideas, and decided to devote my professional career to transportation. Many years later, as a Senior Engineer at WSP USA, Inc., I still find myself excited and interested in transportation and continue to find new ways to plan, design and ultimately make communities better.

ITE continues to be the largest international transportation-focused professional organization.  It is with ITE that many of us have found both professional satisfaction and personal enjoyment from sharing diverse technical information, meeting people and sharing ideas, and creating personal relationships that make us all better people.  I have been actively involved in ITE for over 25 years and can say that the benefits I have received greatly outweigh the time that I have devoted. I think everyone who is involved with ITE can say the same thing and I am truly honored to have been nominated by my home section of San Diego as a candidate for Secretary-Treasurer and am grateful to the Western District Board’s confidence in me.  Following in the footsteps of some amazing Board members, that continue to be mentors to me, is a responsibility that I do not take lightly.

I have been involved with ITE at many levels and I have a good understanding of the roles and responsibilities and believe this has provided me the “education” to contribute to the District.  The District is going through a transition that has been challenging to understand at times and difficult to process at others. Needless to say, the ITE Western District and ITE International leadership have been working hard to make the transition work for everyone as well as allay everyone’s anxiety over the change. I hope to be part of this transition and believe my involvement as a committee chair for the District for the past 8 years has given me insight into the changes and will allow me to provide leadership and direction as we move forward. Some things will change, but many others will stay the same and there will inevitably be new opportunities that arise. The Western District will be poised to take advantage and provide the membership great things in the years to come. We are all volunteers in this organization and committed to make it a great organization to be a part of!  Keep volunteering and I look forward to your vote!

Electronic Voting

Western District members may vote online; voting opens May 22 and online voting will close June 24 at midnight.  If you are a voting member of ITE and have a valid email address on file with ITE Headquarters as of May 1, you will receive an email message with instructions on how to vote electronically.  Please note that ballots for the upcoming election will only be sent to members from Sections within the remaining Western District. If you do not receive an email notification on May 22, please check your spam filter or contact the District Administrator, Dalene Whitlock at dwhitlock@w-trans.com.

Members wishing to vote by paper ballot can request them from District Administrator Dalene Whitlock via phone (707) 542-9500, e-mail, or by regular mail to:

Dalene J. Whitlock, P.E.
c/o W-Trans
490 Mendocino Avenue, Suite 201
Santa Rosa, CA  95401

Paper ballot requests must be received no later than June 3 and completed ballots returned to the District Administrator no later than June 19. Completed ballots may also be returned in person at the Annual Business Meeting on June 25.

If you need help voting or have questions, please contact District Administrator Dalene Whitlock.