2018 Election Results

Following the conclusion of the 2018 elections, the Western District is pleased to announce our newly-elected officers. Neelam Dorman, TE was elected President, Paul Barricklow, PE, PTOE was elected Vice President, Giancarlo Ganddini was elected as Secretary-Treasurer, and Cathy Leong was elected as junior International Director. Congratulations to the new Western District Board!



Neelam Dorman, TE Paul Barricklow, P.E., PTOE


International Director (2019-2021)

Giancarlo Ganddini, TE, PTP Cathy Leong, P.E.


From (L) to (R): Paul Barricklow, Karen Aspelin, Carlos Ortiz, Walter Okitsu, Neelam Dorman, Giancarlo Ganddini, Cathy Leong, Mark Spencer