2017 Western District Officer Elections

On-Line Elections Coming May 18

Western District members may vote on-line in the upcoming election for officers and directors.  The ballot will be accessible beginning Thursday, May 18, 2017, and on-line voting will close Monday, June 19, 2017, at midnight.

If you are a voting member of ITE and have a valid e-mail address on file with International Headquarters as of May 1, you will receive an e-mail message from ElectionsOnLine with instructions on how to vote electronically.  Login at www.electionsonline.us/election with your username and the password provided in the e-mail message from “election” with the subject of “Vote Now!”

Members wishing to vote by paper ballot can request them from District Administrator Dalene Whitlock via phone (707) 542-9500, e-mail (dwhitlock@w-trans.com), or by regular mail to:

Dalene J. Whitlock, P.E.
c/o W-Trans
490 Mendocino Avenue, Suite 201
Santa Rosa, CA  95401

Paper ballot requests must be received no later than Monday, June 5, 2017, and completed ballots returned to the District Administrator no later than Wednesday, June 14, 2017.  Completed ballots may also be returned in person at the Annual Business Meeting on Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

If you need help voting electronically or have questions on the electronic or paper ballot, please contact District Administrator Dalene Whitlock.

Elections for International officers will be occurring simultaneously, so you may receive multiple messages for electronic voting.  Please be sure to read each one to ensure that you vote in both elections.

All members are encouraged to vote.  The deadline for voting electronically has been set as late as possible to allow you to meet the Western District candidates before voting.

Thanks for helping the Western District serve our members more efficiently!

Candidate for President

Mark Spencer, P.E.

It has been my honor to serve as ITE Western District President this past year.  Since being elected to the Board I have focused on engagement within the District, with ITE International, and with our partners.  With the recent and unusual resignation of a Board Member, the Board has asked me to run for a second presidential term, and I am happy to accept and continue serving the District.

Working with our Board Members, International Directors, and Committee Chairs, we have recently completed several initiatives and embarked upon new ones.  In the past year the Student Endowment Fund reached the $500,000 milestone, and now enters the next phase of the program.  We supported LeadershipITE by providing funds to Western District participants.  We surveyed members regarding professional conference preferences.  A Public Relations Task Force was initiated.  We have helped our local Sections and Chapters file taxes.  And we continue to explore ways to provide services to our members in the most cost-effective manner.  In in the coming year, I want to expand our engagement efforts as ITE focuses on member retention and recruitment.

As President, I have had the opportunity to speak with several Sections and Chapters on behalf of the District, including visits with our student chapters and the recent Student Leadership Summit at Cal State Fullerton.  The engagement of professionals with students is something I learned to value early on.  My involvement in ITE began at UC Berkeley and has continued regularly for 29 years. I have held ITE officer positions at the Student, Chapter, Section and District levels. In 2010 I was the LAC Chair for the Western District Annual Meeting in San Francisco, and I am currently on the Executive Board of the ITE Transportation Consultants Council.

I have been a transportation consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1990, and I am currently the managing Principal of the W-Trans office in Oakland, California.  Throughout my career ITE has afforded me the opportunity to develop increasing levels of responsibility and leadership.  I am quite fortunate to have the support network of ITE, to work together with many of my Western District colleagues, and to be a transportation professional making meaningful contributions to the communities in which I work.

It is my honor to be an ITE officer, and I look forward to your continued support and serving as your Western District President for another year.

Candidate for Vice-President

Neelam Dorman, T.E.

It has been a privlidge to serve as the Secretary-Treasurer for the Western District this past year and I am thankful to have the opportunity to continue to serve the District as Vice President. My term as Secretary-Treasurer has offered me the chance to work with our dedicated District Board and learn a lot about our District and how we operate. We have, as a board, worked through some challenges and made great headway on many initiatives to ensure fiscal responsibility and equity.

Serving in the Secretary-Treasurer office has also allowed me to continue to work with our incredible District Chairs and afforded me more opportunities to engage with Section Leaders.

As Vice President, I will continue to work towards my goals for the Western District, including better communication between Section and District leadership, continuing to ensure efficient operation of the District as well as fostering current District Board initiatives and implementing guidance, and continuing to engage the next generation of engineers and planners within ITE.

I am excited to continue serving our members and hope to receive your support. I am a Senior Engineer with Kittelson & Associates in Orange County, California. I am grateful to have the full support of a firm that understands my commitment to ITE and our members. I have been honored to serve ITE as Student Chapter President, Southern California Section President, and your District Career Guidance Chair since 2012.

I hope to have your continued support and the opportunity to serve the Western District as Vice President.

Candidate for Secretary-Treasurer

Devin Moore, P.E., PTOE

Eight years ago, a wise professor encouraged an aspiring engineering student to run for Treasurer of the ITE student chapter at Brigham Young University. As they say, the rest was history (thanks Dr. Schultz!). Since my early years in BYUite into my current leadership with the Intermountain Section, I have valued the technical skills, relationships, and professional opportunities I have gained through ITE. I am excited to continue to serve the institute by focusing in four key areas:

  • Students – As the over 150 individuals and companies who have contributed to the Richard T. Romer Student Endowment Fund have shown, our students are worth investing in! I want to continue the progress we’ve made as a District to involve, encourage, reward, and empower students. I would love to see at least one student serve on the Local Arrangements Committee for each Annual Meeting.
  • Networking – One of the greatest things about ITE is that it affords us opportunities to meet other transportation professionals—to learn from each other, share ideas, and grow together. We form lifelong friendships when we serve on committees, run MiteY Races, and discuss solutions together. To focus on relationship-building within the District, I want to help sections and chapters hold more social events and encourage networking at technical events. As we serve, play, and work together, our relationships will strengthen and our network will bolster us all.
  • Giving back to our Communities – As an ITE student chapter member, I witnessed the good that a group of transportation nerds can do in the community! I’ve seen student chapters adopt highways, volunteer at Math Counts events, grade science fair projects, build/destroy balsa-wood bridges, organize food drives, and more. To encourage this community-centered mindset in our District’s Sections and Chapters, I want to re-enthrone service as a staple of ITE. In addition to giving back to our local communities, this will positively reinforce our brand and increase public opinion of transportation professionals.
  • First Place for Technical Knowledge – With a multitude of conferences and webinars available each week, how do we make ITE the first place people look to find technical knowledge? I believe it is by being visible—by increasing our numbers and influence throughout the District. With more emphasis on students, networking, and giving back to our communities, we can increase our membership and meeting/luncheon attendance.

Thank you for considering me for your next Western District Board Member.

Candidate for Secretary-Treasurer

Paul Barricklow, P.E., PTOE

I’m humbly honored to be nominated as an ITE Western District officer candidate. I’d like to thank the Board for their confidence and I’m respectfully asking for your vote.

I recently have had the good fortune of participating with a group of highly motivated and like-minded leaders of ITE from both the United States and Canada in the LeadershipITE Program. The yearlong program provided new insight into the activities of other Districts, Sections and Councils, and the leadership network that supports ITE. It was through this program that I discovered numerous ITE initiatives that I and many of my peers did not know existed nor how to get involved. Our LeadershipITE team project focused on member outreach and engagement and explored ways in which ITE can better inform and educate more of our members about opportunities our organization can provide.  This increases the value of our organization for everyone, and if elected, I will continue develop these engagement strategies.

In addition to serving as a New Mexico Section officer, I served the District by co-chairing the 2016 Western District Annual Meeting in Albuquerque.  Though demanding, I found the late nights and weekends spent as a part of the development team extremely rewarding.  Among the comradery I developed with others on the Local Arrangements Committee, the new friends I gained at the event, and to ultimately our guests’ enjoyment, this experience has solidified my commitment to serve the Western District.

It is with great enthusiasm that I pledge to serve the Western District in its ongoing efforts to provide increasingly relevant and sustainable value to our members. I will bring a team-oriented approach to the Board that is both insightful and deliberate, and use it to champion a set of priorities that include:

  • Contributing to the evolving direction of ITE International,
  • Building the next generation of transportation leaders through education and mentorship,
  • Engaging our Chapters and Sections through resource sharing, and
  • Maintaining the values and identity of the Western District.

I have 16 years of experience in transportation planning and traffic engineering that includes research, consulting and management. Shortly after earning my MBA, I accepted a position with Lee Engineering and took on the challenge to develop its Albuquerque office.  After 10 years, our team continues to thrive and grow.  I have found that teamwork and trust yields greater results than what we can achieve alone… Let’s team together!

Candidate for International Director

Carlos Ortiz, P.E., T.E., PTOE

I am honored to be nominated for ITE Western District International Director. As a member of ITE for over 27 years, I have served at different levels including:

  • ITE International Strategic Initiatives Committee (2016 – present)
  • ITE Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) Council
  • ITE 2016 International Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA – Local Arrangement Committee (LAC)
  • ITE Western District, President (2014 – 2015)
  • ITE Southern California Section, President (2008 – 2009)
  • ITE Riverside-San Bernardino Section, President (2001 – 2002)
  • ITE 2002 Western District Annual Meeting, Palm Desert, CA – LAC

Also, I have served in a number of positions for the ASCE Young Members Forum (YMF), and the Orange County Traffic Engineers Council (OCTEC).

As Chief Operating Officer and Principal, I also serve on the Board of Directors at my company. Currently, I’m serving on the Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) California Board of Directors, and as the Partnerships Committee Chair I have built various partnerships between ITS California and other organizations including ITE International.  My involvement in the industry as a practitioner, coupled with my active participation in ITE, ITS California and other organizations, provides me the experience and organizational knowledge necessary to effectively serve on the Western District Board as your International Director.

As your International Director, I will proactively work with the District Board, International Directors, and Committee Chairs on evaluating the best near- and long-term interests of ITE.  Our ITE leaders understand the rapid changes we are facing in our transportation industry, and together, we want ITE to continue as a leader in our industry.  Achieving this goal will rely on successful implementation of the following objectives:

  • Increasing ITE exposure locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Increasing membership and participation throughout our Districts, Sections, and Chapters
  • Augmenting participation in Annual District Meetings and International Annual Meetings
  • Engaging more universities, including planning and engineering schools
  • Partnering with other professional organizations

In addition, it is essential that our ITE International Board continues to promote the following:

  • Control spending and maintain a healthy organizational budget
  • Support student initiatives, including the District’s Student Endowment Fund
  • Support LeadershipITE

As a partner, you are important to the ITE organization, and I strongly encourage you to share your thoughts about the direction of ITE with me.  Please feel free to connect with me via e-mail at cortiz@advantec-usa.com.  Again, I look forward to your continued support and to the opportunity of serving the Western District as International Director.