2016 Western District Candidates

Candidates for Office

The following are the 2016 Western District candidates for office for your consideration. All members are encouraged to vote. Regardless of how you vote, please vote and make your voice be heard. The deadline for voting electronically has been set as late as possible to allow you to meet and/or learn about the Western District candidates before voting. Thanks for helping the Western District serve its members efficiently and effectively!

Candidate for PresidentMarkSpencer.jpg

Mark Spencer, PE

It has been my honor to serve as ITE Western District Vice President this past year. I have been working with our Board members, International Directors, and Committee Chairs on several of our District initiatives, including our Articles of Incorporation, student initiatives expenditures, bylaws revisions, and updating the District’s Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Chair Manual. I have also had the opportunity to speak with Sections on behalf of the District, and in January I attended the third annual ITE Western District Student Leadership Summit at Cal Poly Pomona.

I have been a transportation consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1990. I am currently the managing Principal of the W-Trans office in Oakland, California. My involvement in ITE began in 1988 at UC Berkeley and has continued regularly for 28 years. I have held ITE officer positions at the Student, Chapter, Section and District levels. In 2010 I was the LAC Chair for the Western District Annual Meeting in San Francisco, and I am currently on the Executive Board of the ITE Transportation Consultants Council. Throughout my career ITE has afforded me the opportunity to develop increasing levels of responsibility and leadership.

As President I will bring a keen understanding of the District’s needs and goals, and continue working with our District’s officers, International Directors, and Committee Chairs. Some of the key items for the coming year include increasing engagement with all of members, improving collaboration with other professional organizations, and promoting ITE’s key programs such as the Student Endowment Fund and LeadershipITE.

In 2016 we will continue to experience a rebounding and increasingly diverse economy. While seemingly beneficial, it’s how we respond as an organization, and as professionals individually, that is the primary challenge we now face. And as more young people enter the profession, we need to bring them into ITE and foster opportunities for them to flourish and become the next generation of leaders.

This is an exciting time in our profession! I have long recognized that I am quite fortunate to have the support network of ITE, to work together with many of my Western District colleagues, and to be a transportation professional making meaningful contributions to the communities in which I work.

It is my honor to be an officer of this wonderful and important organization, and I look forward to your continued support and serving as your Western District President.

Candidate for Vice-President

Dongho Chang, PE

It has been a privilege to serve you as the Western District Secretary-Treasurer. I am humbled and grateful to work with the dedicated District leaders and the amazing group of committee volunteers. The rapid changes and transformation that our society is experiencing are incredibly exciting. ITE is the organization that will provide the trusted voice and expertise needed by our members for the transportation profession.  Should I be fortunate to serve you, my focus will be:

  • Improving access to informa­tion that our members need to better inform our decisions and serve our clients. This includes timely access to the content that our members provide in research studies and presenta­tions at the section and district level.
  • Advocating for professional interests that impact our prac­tice.
  • Improve our connection/part­nership with our peer organiza­tions that bring value to our practice.

    ITE Participation

  • ITE Delegate to National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices
  • Graduate of Leader­ship ITE program
  • Local Arrangement Commit­tee for 2014 ITE International Meeting in Seattle
  • ITE/FHWA Traffic Calm­ing: State of Practice Update, Expert Review/Advisory Panel
  • Review Panel for the ITE Guidelines for Determining Traffic Signal Changes and Clearance Intervals, Recom­mended Practice
  • Washington State Section President /officer

Candidate for Secretary-TreasurerNeelam Dorman

Neelam Dorman, TE

I am thankful to my Section and the District Board for their confidence in me and for selecting me as a candidate for Western District Secretary-Treasurer. I am excited to continue serving our members and hope to receive your support. I am currently a Senior Engineer with Kittelson & Associates in Orange County, California. I am grateful to have the full support of a firm that understands my commitment to ITE and our members.  ITE has been an integral part of my career, having served our organization in many capacities over the years. I have been honored to serve ITE as Student Chapter President, Southern California Section President, and your District Career Guidance Chair since 2012. As Section President, I helped to foster collaboration between Sections by starting new joint events like our annual Holiday Mixer social and supported our students by serving as a mentor for UC Irvine and initiating a Section-level Traffic Bowl competition. In addition, I am also currently serving as a MiteY Race coordinator and am a member of the International Young Member Committee and 2016 Anaheim ITE International Annual Meeting LAC. I have been fortunate to receive awards recognizing my contributions to ITE in these capacities:

  • International Rising Stars Award – 2015
  • Western District – Young Professional Achievement Award – 2015
  • Southern California Section – Young Transportation Engineer of the Year – 2010

As a Section leader, I feel our members would benefit from more direct communication between Section and District leadership. As Secretary-Treasurer, I will work with the District Board to keep our Sections updated on District activities and Committee initiatives.

Serving as a District chair has allowed me to develop relationships with our District’s leaders and attend District board meetings for the past 4 years. I have seen the time and passion our District leaders have put in and the progress they have made to serve us better. The recent Board has worked diligently to ensure efficient and fiscally responsible District operations. I will continue this endeavor and keep the District working for our members.

My Chair position has also allowed me the opportunity to work for student and young professional development. As a District Officer, I will continue to support our programs to engage the next generation of engineers and planners. I plan to focus on younger member recruitment and growth of Annual Meeting programs geared towards young professionals.

Candidate for Secretary-Treasurerret3206

Jonathan Hofert, PE, TE, PTOE

I am honored and excited to be selected as a candidate for ITE Western District Secretary-Treasurer. This is an exciting time to be in the transportation profession: The industry is changing rapidly, and with it comes many opportunities to make ITE better. I will help the District seize those opportunities.

I live in Inland Southern California, and currently work as a Senior Engineer for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro), Program Management Department, delivering rail transit projects.

Highlights of my ITE experience:

  • Riverside San Bernardino Section 2nd Past-President, and current Webmaster Chair
  • Southern California Section Sponsorship Chair
  • Western District Young Professional Achievement Award Recipient, 2013
  • Published article in WesternITE Newsletter
  • Attendee, Presenter and Moderator at Western District Annual Meetings
  • Presenter at Cal Poly Pomona ITE student chapter meetings
  • Lecturer at Cal Poly Pomona

The transportation industry is changing to a more connected environment, and more than ever, ITE needs to take hold of this opportunity to excel the organization. I believe we can do this by having a “Four M” approach: How ITE will Move and Manage More Modes to be in front of the cutting edge.  I will promote ITE as the organization with the most innovative membership, on the cutting edge of engineering and transportation.  This will take time, but fortunately ITE leadership has already made much progress for us to build upon.  If you elect me, I will work hard to implement this vision.

Goals as Secretary/Treasurer:

  • Continue to practice Fiscal Responsibility and find opportunities to reduce costs.
  • Promote ITE to Young Engineers and Planners on the benefits of ITE
  • Promote the Student Endowment Fund, as it is the foundation to attracting future members.
  • Increase Agency involvement by Promoting ITE Agency Membership and its benefit.
  • Provide easy access to data, and identify data that ITE members are searching for.
  • Work with ITE International to develop an Innovations Task Force Committee to assist Agencies on implementing pilot projects.
  • Promote TPCB certifications to Agencies on benefits to their planning and engineering projects.

I look forward to a successful 2016 and beyond for the Western District.


Candidate for International Director

Karen Aspelin, P.E., PTOE

I’m thrilled to be named the District’s candidate for 2017-2019 International Director.  After having been so involved as an officer on the Western District Board from 2011-2015, I am excited to be part of that group and its discussions once again.

Looking back at my time on the Western District Board I am most proud of two things.  First, I helped get the District back in good financial standing, including bringing our reserves up to the level stated in District Policy.  Second, I always looked for ways to “mix things up.”  As with many groups, the Western District has been guilty of getting in a rut because things have always been done a certain way.  By changing things up we can keep everyone more engaged and possibly save money along the way.  I hope to continue to both of these at the International Level.

Thank you for considering me to represent you at the International level. I look forward to continuing my service to the Institute.

Officer Elections

Electronic Voting
The Western District is again offering its members the convenience of on-line voting. Your on-line ballot to vote in the Western District election will be accessible beginning Friday, June 10, 2016, and on-line voting will close Monday, July 11, 2016 at midnight EDT. If you are a voting member of ITE and had a valid email address on file with International Headquarters as of May 1st, you will receive an email message from Elections OnLine with instructions on how to vote electronically. Login at www.electionsonline.us/election with your username and the password provided in the email message from “election” with the subject of “Vote Now!”

Paper Ballots
Members wishing to vote by paper ballot can request them via phone (206) 684-5106, e-mail: dongho.chang@seattle.gov, or by regular mail to:

Dongho Chang, P.E.
ITE Western District Secretary-Treasurer
City of Seattle
P.O. Box 34996
Seattle, WA 98124

Paper ballot requests must be received no later than Friday, June 24, 2016, and completed ballots returned to the Secretary-Treasurer no later than Friday, July 1, 2016. Completed ballots may also be returned in person at the Annual Business Meeting on Tuesday, July 12, 2016. If you need help voting electronically or have questions on the electronic or paper ballot, please contact the District Administrator, Dalene Whitlock, at (707) 542-9500, or dwhitlock@w-trans.com.

Don’t Mix Them Up
Elections for ITE International officers will go out two weeks AFTER the Western District’s, so you may receive multiple messages from ElectionsOnLine. Please be sure to read each one to ensure that you vote in both elections.