Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program of the Institute of Transportation Engineering (ITE) Western District is a strategic effort to develop talented transportation professionals. Mentoring is one of the oldest teaching arts found in every culture. It is a time-honored way of passing down valuable wisdom, traditions and core values from one generation to another. Mentoring is defined as an action where one offers knowledge, insight, perspective or wisdom that is helpful to another person.

From the mentoring survey which was conducted by the ITE Western District Career Guidance Committee, the preferred type of Mentoring Program would be informal, one-on-one mentoring program with long-term relationships involving a mentor and mentee meeting monthly or quarterly. Every ITE member (for the purposes of this report, the term “member” is inclusive of Associate Members, Members, Lifetime Members, Honorary Members and all other membership types) is encouraged to take advantage of the mentor program to further their personal growth and career development. The one-on-one mentoring program is limited annually by the number of willing and qualified mentors. However, it is ITE Western District’s intent that every interested ITE member has access to one-on-one mentoring over the next few years.

One-on-One Mentoring is an informal relationship between the mentor and mentee for the purpose of developing the talent of the mentee. The mentee is a developing junior professional, and chooses a mentor from which to learn and receive guidance. A mentor is a senior professional who has experience in the area that the mentee is interested in developing and is willing to steward the growth of the mentee. One-on-One Mentoring is a partnership of two equals, both sharing full responsibility for communication, growth, feedback, and providing follow-through.

These one-on-one mentoring relationships exist primarily to support the professional and career development of the junior person. Mentoring relationships enable both individuals to build new skills, prepare for advancement and other growth opportunities, build self-esteem and self-confidence; and in so doing, contribute to the fulfillment of personal professional development and goals.

The process for selecting mentors and mentees in the One-on-One Mentoring Program involves submitting an application, completing interviews, and making a final selection. After mentors and mentees are selected, they will participate in a Mentoring Skills Workshop to gain awareness and critical skills for building a successful mentoring partnership.

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