Election and Officer Updates

Election Updates

Candidate selection for the Secretary-Treasurer and International Director ballots are complete, and you should be receiving their candidate statements via the printed WesternITE and the District website shortly. We are pleased to announce that the two candidates for Secretary-Treasurer are:

  • Devin Moore, Intermountain Section
  • Paul Barricklow, New Mexico Section

Our International Director candidate for this year is Carlos Ortiz, Southern California Section. We wish them all well in the election.

District Board Changes

The Western District Board regretfully announces that Dongho Chang has resigned from his Western District Vice President position. Over the past year, his work commitments have grown considerably, and he has decided to take this step to ensure that the District’s members and initiatives are afforded the attention they deserve. His duties have been reassigned to the rest of the Board members for the remainder of his term. We appreciate Dongho’s consideration the District’s interests in making this difficult decision.

As you can imagine this has left the Board with important decisions regarding our on-going elections process. Due to the proximity of the upcoming elections and considering the necessary experience and District knowledge that a Presidential candidate should have, the Board has asked Mark Spencer to run for a second presidential term. Cathy Leong will remain as Past President, and Neelam Dorman will be the candidate for Vice President.

Concurrently, the Board has been discussing a revision to the District’s elections procedures to reduce the time after which the immediate Past President must wait before running for International Director. Currently, there is a gap of approximately one year between the end of the Past President’s term and the start of the International Director term. The change would allow the Past President to campaign for International Director while serving in office thus reducing the amount of time that a potential International Director candidate is actively engaged in current Board issues or actions. Recent changes on the Board present an opportunity to enact the revisions while minimizing the impact of the Vice President’s resignation on the on-going elections process.

We thank you in advance for your support of the Western District and pledge to continue to work in the best interests of the District and all of our members. If you have any questions, please contact Alyssa Rodriguez, International Director.